• Equestrian Odysseys - Theme Deck 1, Jam Session!

    Equestrian Odysseys theme decks come out August 21st, the same weekend as prerelease events (map of events coming early next week!), so let's take a look at one of those theme decks! In case you don't know, theme decks are preconstructed MLP: CCG decks, ready to pick up and casually play with friends and then edit to your tastes. Each theme deck comes with some exclusive cards you can't get anywhere else.

    Some awesome news: Equestrian Odysseys Theme Decks are made up of solely EO cards, so every card inside will be an addition to your collection. More awesome news: this one contains the very first Octavia Mane Character card!

    Head below the break to see more details about Jam Session, including all the exclusives inside.

    Jam Session is lead by the aforementioned very first Octavia Mane Character card. She has a great, straightforward boost condition, simply requiring you to confront a Problem. Then as you OR your opponent play Friends to her Problem, she'll temporarily get boosted by her adoring fans, getting stronger and stronger for the turn. This leads to you building up power to confront Problems and win faceoffs, or to deter your opponent from playing Friends to her Problem on the turn they want to do a Problem faceoff themselves. In other words, offense and defense.

    Speaking of offense plus defense, this Photo Finish card lets you play Accessory Resource cards for less. Jam Session includes Accessories that help you score points, as well as Accessories you can play on your opponent's cards to slow them down. Interesting note: Cardboard Boxes are apparently Accessories! Who knew?

    On her own, this DJ Pon-3 is a decent 2-cost, 2-power Friend that gets the job done. However, when your opponent's Friends are exhausted, her extreme musical stylings send them fleeing to the discard pile. Combined with a rather powerful Event in this deck that causes mass-exhaustion, you'll be pulling off some amazing one-two punches!

    Next week we'll reveal the other Equestrian Odysseys theme deck, Takin' Care of Business. The Mane Character inside is getting her second Mane in a brand new color, and also has original art... so stay tuned!