• Hasbro Has Released the First Friendship Games Short! - The Science of Magic

    As promised, Hasbro has dropped this Saturday's Friendship Games short video, this one titled "The Science of Magic"! We totally can't get a connection in here to watch it, but you totally can! Get it down below

    Friendship Games Fantasy League players, use this new video to collect points!! Watch a new animated short on Facebook every Saturday, until the Friendship Games premiere on Saturday, September 26 on Discovery Family Channel.Share your points in the comments and see if you canchallenge your friends!!Sports is all about getting to top physical fitness and competing with all of your energy. Magic is unpredictable. But what happens when peak performance makes you pony up? Can Sunset Shimmer figure out this turbo boost and use it to the Wondercolts’ advantage?http://on.fb.me/1KEyz8q
    Posted by My Little Pony on Saturday, August 1, 2015

    Thanks to Emily, Ashley, Tiff, and DJZapApple