• 30 New Songs On the Way, Live Orchestra for 2017 Movie

    Some epic news is arriving from the Daniel Ingram panel at Galacon! Two points in particular had to be posted even with this amazing 3g connection I am running here.

    So far, we have confirmation that the 2017 MLP movie will be recorded with a fully live orchestra, unlike the synthesized scores from the show.

    He did point out that he wanted to rerecord some of the older songs during this time, but no promises yet. I'd kill for that!

    Following that, he pointed out how long these songs actually sit before bring releazed. Turns out over 30 songs are already set to go over the next year and a half. The rest of season 5 will be filled with music, matching season 4 We are essentially in a song dead zone.

    Pony is going to be crazy for the next half of the season and friendship games!