• Equestrian Odysseys - Theme Deck 2, Takin' Care of Business!

    Just one more week until you'll be able to play in Equestrian Odysseys Prerelease events and pick up the new EO theme decks! Last week we looked at the first theme deck, titled Jam Session thanks to Octavia and DJ Pon-3. Now it's time to look at the second deck, titled Takin' Care of Business in honor of muffin deliveries and Fluttershy's caring influence.

    Look below the break for all the exclusives and more details about Takin' Care of Business!

    The dodging of naming She-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named continues with this new Mane Character card, her debut in Orange. Just think of her flitting around the game board, delivering muffins, trampling some ponies in her wake while delivering fresh, buttery goodness to others.

    Strategically, her Boosted side lets you get around moving Friends for 2 action tokens, by instead "moving" their power over to somepony else. Or, even better, use her ability to exhaust a Stubborn Friend, and since Stubborn Friends still provide their power while exhausted you'll get all the benefit with none of the downsides!

    Further synergizing with getting power out of Friends without needing to move them, Animal Allies gets stronger simply by having more Friends in play. If you have four Friends at home and three at Problems, when you play this card it will have 8 power, no matter where you play it. And since Animal Allies is a Critter, it interacts with all sorts of Yellow goodness, like the Caretaker keyword, Sea Swirl from Premiere, and so much more.

    And here's even MORE benefit to playing lots of Friends to the board! Not only is Sweetie Drops very efficient as a 2 cost Friend that gives 3 power, she's flexible: keep her around as 3 power, or use her ability to exhaust your opponent's Friends when you play more Friends. She also has a great one-two punch with the DJ Pon-3, Breakdown card from last week!

    Speaking of one-two punch combos, personally I love them. Here's a cute example of one you can find inside Takin' Care of Business. You don't need any color requirement to play Star Spur, so he's a simple 3 cost, 3 power transaction that also lets you take a look at your opponent's hand. Knowledge is power!

    Now that you have 3 Orange on the board, you can play Sheriff Silverstar, and that means you can now name a card that you know for sure is in the opponent's hand and make them discard it! And for added bonus when played in this deck, you may have just increased Animal Allies's power by 2 and exhausted one or two opposing Friends. Good fun.

    That's enough about theme decks for now. Soon we'll have a map of Equestrian Odysseys Prerelease events across North America, and plenty more card spoilers to come over the next week. See you then!