• Discussion: You Are Now an Pony Chef, Design a Recipe for Burgers and Hay Fries

    Good news! The portal between Earth and Equestria has finally opened, and ponies are swarming in to explore the wonders of Humanland! Hundreds of amazing cultures have opened their borders to the cartoon pony based sapients, welcoming them to delve deep into the flavors and sights of another world.

    Unfortunately they seem to have run into an issue. Our omnivorous diet that relies heavily on meat products has made restaurant trips a bit boring for the new hooved tourists. We have salads and vegetarian menus, but a race of herbivores has concocted meals over the years that would put our limited selection of 100% meat free foods to shame.

    Luckily we have you! For years now, you have studied these ponies. You have learned their habits, and delved into their culture via that weird multi-dimensional viewing box thing that creates pony episodes. You are the perfect candidate to design some human style foods that equines can dive into!

    So, how do you satisfy their tastebuds? What meal ideas and recipes do you offer to the restaurants of the world to give an army of hay eating ponies a taste of what Earth is made of?  (literally)

    Discuss below!