• Announcing Cathy Weseluck for Nightmare Nights Dallas 2015

    Nightmare Night Dallas is coming up within the next couple months and their guest list keeps growing! They are happy to announce the attendance of the wonderful Cathy Weseluck at this year's event.

    Check on after the break for the full presser!

    A Spike in Excitement - Announcing Cathy Weseluck at Nightmare Nights Dallas 2015!

    This is your batpone telegram,
    we hope it finds you well;
    we’ve got a great new announcement
    that we think is really swell;
    Cathy’s birthday is today,
    and to help us celebrate,
    we’ve invited her to Dallas,
    to a con which is first-rate!
    There will be lots of panels,
    meet some bronies, buy a plush,
    and tickets are on sale right now
    if you wanna beat the rush.
    It won’t be the same without you,
    so if you haven’t done so yet,
    see the excitement for yourself

    What do you get the pony who has everything?

    We had no idea what to get the immensely talented Cathy Weseluck for her birthday this week. Maybe a cake made of gems, or a shiny new gavel for those mayoral duties? What about materials for a new wardrobe fit for a Manehattan mare?

    This year, we decided our gift should be from the heart. So we invited her out to join us this fall at Nightmare Nights Dallas 2015, and she graciously accepted. We’re very proud to announce that Cathy Weseluck will be joining us in Dallas on October 23-25.

    Cathy’s list of talents are so long, we almost ran out of quills just writing them! While most of us know her as the voice of Spike, Mayor Mare and Coco Pommel in “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”, she has 20 years of history in animation, from Young Trunks in “Dragonball Z” to Dorothy Catalonia in “Gundam Wing” and Shampoo in “Ranma ½”, Cathy has performed thousands of voices in hundreds of productions. In addition to her continued success as a voice-over performer, Cathy's noted accomplishments also include her work as a TV actor, instructor, consultant, guest speaker, casting director/director, associate producer, writer, composer, performer and photographer.

    You can follow Cathy on Twitter @CathyWeseluck or find out more about her extensive background of work on her website, cathyweseluck.com.

    Whether you're waking up early on Saturdays to catch your favorite show, or you're first in line for every new comic, or you just can't seem to put down those pony books, Nightmare Nights Dallas 2015 has something for you to enjoy. We're the premier My Little Pony convention in north Texas, and we invite you to come on down and see us on the weekend of October 23-25. Make new friends and reunite with old ones, check out some awesome pony swag, and meet the great people who make this show and fandom one we all love.

    Register now for NMND 2015 at nightmarenights.net! Use discount code EQD10 at checkout to save 10% on your registration.

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