• BronyCon Program Guide and MLP #32 Baltimore Variant Cover Spread!

    Well folks, for those of you attended BronyCon this past weekend this isn't new news. For you this is old news. However, for the rest of us who either couldn't attend—or simply did not know while at the con—there something special going on with the "Baltimore" Variant of MLP #32 and the Program Guide for BronyCon 2015.

    The something special is the spread image heading this post. Yes sir, for the first time in IDW MLP Comic History—come to think of it, this might BE the first time in Comic History—a comic of a comic cover connected to the cover of a Convention Program Guide. And it's a bunch of Ponies fighting space crabs. How much more awesome can this get!

    Of course for comic collectors this suddenly becomes a problem. For the only way to get the whole cover to MLP 32 is to have the BronyCon Program Guide go with it. Since, last I checked, those guides really don't show up on eBay.

    Thanks to Tony Fleecs for tossing up the whole image on his DA Page!