• 100th Episode Celebrations!

    It already feels like episode 100 was a million years ago, doesn't it? While this post was meant to come right after the big celebration it sort of got put to the wayside and has languished in our folders for a couple months.

    While the event is no longer fresh, there is nothing wrong with a small bit of nostalgia, right?

    Check on after the break for a small compilation of 100th episode celebration and relive the excitement of that day! Feel free to share your episode 100th experience down in the comments.

    Village Voice Reports on NYC Bronies Celebration

    Bronies NYC celebrated the 100th episode of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic at the Grace & St. Paul's Church on the Upper West Side. There was a pizza party with cake, games and DJs but absolutely no "Pin the Tail on the Pony."

    Photo Gallery Link

    Bronies of Minsk Meetup

    The Bronies of Minsk are happy to report that the 100th-episode meetup was a jaw-dropping success. 30 or so bronies, 2 episodes, Fighting is Magic, Osu!, Audiosurf, TSSSF and lots of Munchkin and coffee. This is what it takes to make a meetup to remember. Stay tuned for new meetup info here (https://vk.com/minskbronies)

    And some pics of course

    Utah Bronies Meetup

    Utah Bronies 100th episode meet was pure awesomeness! 

    Southern Pennsylvania Bronies Meetup

    The Bronies of Southern Pennsylvania gathered in the name of friendship to celebrate the 100th episode. Aside from watching the episode (twice!), the gathering also included a barbecue, pool party, and an exciting background pony game show! We welcomed several new members to the group at this event, as well as debuting our brand new logo and the exciting gender announcement for the group's newest member coming later this year!

    Ecuador Bronies Meetup

    Title: Another Brony Meetup in Ecuador - Quito (A.K.A. THE SAME OLD BRONIES, NOT A NEW ONE) Celebrating 100th Episode.
    Description: We have a lot of fun in this meetup, especially with this amazing episode!

    Twitter: Calpain