• Stay Brony My Friends - Charity with "Party Pooped" Writer Nick Confalone

    Guess who's back, Back again......
    Thats right ponies it's yer old pals Dustykatt and Screwball back once again with another great show. We bring to you writer Nick Confalone, pencil pusher of the tale "Party Pooped" with some annoying Yaks!
    He also told us about being a freelance writer in the bowels of Hollywood, playing epic pranks, and how to make money using clueless ad agencies and Vine apps.

    You guys raised 510 bits for Pen Stroke's charity Developments in Literacy bringing books, schools and teaches to the middle east. Thanks ever so much!
    Now we turn to Nick's Charity, THE SPECIAL OLYMPICS! Who are having their WORLD games in Los Angeles right now!
    The Special Olympics highlights the very best athletes who also have special needs, demonstrating that limitations can be overcome and that excellence is more powerful than any preconceptions. People around the world are given a chance for glory, given a chance to participate, and show what hard work and dedication can accomplish. This is where we show what WE can do with hard work and dedication. Matched one-for-five by Caerdwyn up to a hundred in matching funds, your donations will help a lot of people make memories that will last a lifetime.
    Guys, this is really cool. And supporting the Special Olympics is as manly as bench-pressing four hundred pounds.
    …which some of these folks can do.
    Once again "Little Toy Company" (http://www.littlestoycompany.com) has come though with some awesome swag giveaways for one lucky donator. Also Nick has said he will make not ONE but TWO customer Vine's for you if we crack 500 bits.
    Once again thank you all for your continued support!
    Dustykatt & Screwball