• Music of the Day #534


    Taking a break from batty music headers. Did I use a bat last night? I'm honestly getting them mixed up here to be honest. Typically I make this and 3 other posts all at once with images from the Drawfriend post. EFFICIENCY.

    Efficiently get some Music of the Day below.

    [1] Source

    5OUND - Dream by 5OUND

    [2] Source

    Once Upon a Moon - Once Upon a December Parody by lilliesinthegarden

    [3] Source

    Song for Scootaloo - Crusader (MLP:FiM Fan Song) by Crusader

    [4] Source

    Starlight - Poker Face (Redd Pony Remix) by Redd Pony

    [5] Source

    174UDSI - Look Up In The Sky by 174UDSI

    [6] Source

    OhPonyBoy - Holy Fluffy's Song [Theme from Hungry.AVI] by OhPonyBoy

    [7] Source

    Aurelleah - Forever (AJ Young Remix) by AJ Young