• Random Merch: Ice Cube Tray, Electric Toothbrush, Bed Spreads, and More!

    Hasbro just keeps on MERCHANDISING! And we keep on posting it. What kind of news site would we be if we didn't? Ice cube trays need luck too. That's what that is up there in case you were wondering. Hot Topic is apparently rockin those now.

    We actually have a lot of new things coming in thanks to SDCC, so expect a few random merch posts.

    Anyway, get your random merch below!

    Electric Toothbrush

    We've had a Pinkie Pie one forever. Finally Rainbow Dash gets one.

    Found at: Grocery store called Giant
    Found by: Elena

    Pop Figures Pop up at Target

    Lol punz

    Found at: Target
    Found by: Emilie

    More Bedding and Spreads

    Found at: Licensing World
    Found by: Shiny Shinbourne

    Ice Cube Case

    Could you melt pony?

    Found at: Hot Topic
    Found by: Deep Space 1

    Rainbow Dash Lunch Box

    Found at: Hot Topic
    Found by: Deep Space 1

    Best Friends Box Set

    All the GM Berrow books in one set!

    Found at: Hatchette Book Group
    Found by: Brony250

    Pony Nightlight

    A different brand of night lights than the usual one we see.

    Found at: Mexican Walmart
    Found by: Morniemacar

    3D Pony Art Packs

    Found at: Walmart
    Found by: Fallout Resource Admin