• MLP Trading Cards + CCG Events at San Diego Comic Con

    Heading out to San Diego Comic Con this weekend and looking for some more awesome SDCC MLP exclusives and goodies to grab, and maybe a chance to play the MLP Collectible Card Game? You're in luck! And there are two locations to check out.

    Visit the Hasbro booth #3213 between 5-6pm Saturday or 1-1:30pm Sunday to get an exclusive-stamped Pinkie Pie, Spittie Pie CCG promo from Absolute Discord, while supplies last.

    The first 100 customers to the Enterplay Suite can also grab the epic 100th Episode playmat up above, which comes with an SDCC-stamped Series 3 Cheese Sandwich trading card. The Enterplay Suite is in the Pier Room on the 3rd floor of the Manchester Hyatt hotel, adjacent to the convention center.

    There's plenty more to do while you're at the Enterplay Suite, like learn to play MLP: CCG, join in tournaments, and attend a Pony Party Saturday night! Check out the full event list, plus a picture of Spittie Pie, below the break!

    MLP: CCG Learn to Play - 11-2PM Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

    3PM - 4:30PM. Utter Chaos CCG Tournament. Limited to the first 32 players. Crazy rules that switch around at rapid pace. Come grab a seat! Deck required.

    6PM - 9PM. Harmony-format tournament, single-elimination. Limited to the first 24 players, 2-3 rounds. Decklist required. Banlist in effect.

    3PM - 5PM. Deckbuilding Q&A. Enterplay will be on hand to answer your questions and help you build strategies based on our most recent expansion, Absolute Discord.

    7PM - 9PM. Pony Party -- Big My Little Pony fun! Mini challenges, learn-to-play, trivia contest, and more fun.

    2PM - 5PM.  Sealed Tournament. $20 entry fee gets you eight packs to build a deck, plus a playset of a CCG foil card. Limited to the first 32 players.

    6PM – Midnight.  Open Play. Come by the Packbreakers suite and hang out with everypony, hone your strategies, check out new cards, make new friends, and solve Equestria's problems!