• Random Merch: Free Hugs Pinkie Pie Folder, Mason Jars, Pony Bags, and More!

    I was one of those weird dudes in gradeschool that liked the Lisa Frank folders. Pinkie Pie would have been right up my alley. This is probably one of the most fun official merch items I've seen in forever. Look how happy that Pinkie Pie is! And not a generic vector in sight.

    Not so much for the notebook. Generic vectors everywhere.

    Thanks to Victorsaurus for that one. Find it at Walgreens!

    And get your random merch below.

    Plastic Mason Jar

    Come fly with me~

    Found At: Safeway
    Found By: Stardreamer

    Popup Birthday Card

    We haven't seen a pop up version of one of these have we? Anyway, it happened.

    Found At: Target
    Found By: Athena4gd

    Series 3 Binder

    I don't think we ever actually posted that this one was available yet,  just the early Facebook post from Enterplay announcing it's existence. Lets change that! The series 3 trading card binder has started appearing.

    Found At: Toys R' Us, Walmart
    Found By: Midnight Sonnet, Remmy

    Sapphire Shores EG Doll

    I'll be honest. I'm not too sure what ones of these we have posted. But Sapphire Shores is on Amazon, so there is that.

    Found At: Amazon
    Found By: Maddie

    Pinkie Pie with Element Necklace

    Slightly different from the other Pinkie Pie bank.

    Found At: Target
    Found By: PrincessLuna101

    Pony Bag

    Found At: Excalibur in Vegas
    Found By: Ryan

    Series 13 Chaser Figures

    Found At: ASDA in the UK
    Found By: Carwyn

    FurReal Friends Pony

    Wait what? Yep, Hasbro has another pony line. Apparently this one is being touted as one of those hard to get seasonal gifts. Herewego!

    Found by Keyth