• Ponies Around the World 2015 - Day 3 Submissions + 2 Year Massive Ponies Hiking Project

    The desert pony in the desert?! At horseshoe bend no less? Perfect. That's a really good plushie too. I've never been a huge Cherry Jubilee fan, but I'd buy one of those.

    Time for more of that worldwide takeover that is the Ponies Around the World event! Below the break, we explore the world... ponies in tow.

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    So, this guy went a little crazy with Ponies Around the world. 2 Years of Crazy to be exact. He wandered the Northwest with Fluttershy and friends in tow, visiting all sorts of awesome locales. Go check it out!

    201 So Many Metal Rolling Things - EddictedBrony

    Merry May, Twinkleshine, Lemon Heart, Minuette, Babs Seed, Apple Bloom, and Moon Dancer take a little visit to a car auction in New Hampshire. Minuette: So Moon Dancer? What are these metal rolling things called? Moon Dancer: Cars? Minuette: Can we buy one? Twinkleshine: I doubt we even have enough bits together to get a wheel. Minuette: Awww...
    202 Party Favor's Flea Market Vacation - EddictedBrony

    Party Favor was told that Raynham's flea market could rot his brain, but he didn't listen. Party Favor: TV good for balloon pony...
    203 Help? - EddictedBrony

    Party Favor was also told that Raynham's flea market also had a wild pony eating Rayquaza lurking around for pony flesh, but he still didn't listen. Party Favor: My Celestia it's crushing my spleen! Why didn't I listen? WHY DIDN'T I LISTEN!?
    204 Three Mares and an Anvil - EddictedBrony

    Sassaflash, Sea Swirl, and Shoeshine (or 3S as I like to call this trio) take a look at Methuen MA's 1775 Marston's Forge, most likely to take the anvil and drop it on somepony's head. Sassaflash: You again descriptor? Quiet, I'm trying to aim this thing to hit Swirly's head.
    209 Welcome to Hong Kong - CTRLee

    The Mane Six decided to stop by at Victoria Harbour and take a view of Hong Kong's skyline.
    210 Twilight Time with Twilight at Twilight - OmegaFrenzy (Quentin)

    Taken at Wyatt Hill, St. Joseph, Missouri overlooking the Missouri River into Kansas.
    211 Derpy visits Land's End - Kinrah

    Derpy took a wrong turn somewhere.
    212 Derpy stops at Tintagel - Kinrah

    Derpy gets lost again and ends up at a completely different castle.
    213 Applejack in the forest - Eugene Velvelidis

    It's a beautiful sunday morning in the local forest next to the city of Thessaloniky in Greece
    214 Applejack in the forest 2 - Eugene Velvelidis

    It's a beautiful sunday morning in the local forest next to the beautiful city of Thessaloniki Greece
    215 Love from Lake Serre-Poncon - Coiled Spring

    The "Lac de Serre-Poncon" (Lake Serre-Poncon) is a lake in France. It's one of the largest artificial lakes in Europe. Its construction flooded 2 villages, Savines and Ubaye. Savines was reconstructed near and was renamed Savines-Le-Lac. PS : Because of poniloader not supporting UTF-8, I cannot enter the proper name of the lake. Sorry.
    216 Twilight Sparkle at the railway station in Biysk - Lightning Flash (Pony4tonado)

    Like at home in Equestria, Twilight with great pleasure that the railways. Biysk she gladly agreed to be photographed against the backdrop of an old steam locomotive -Historical.
    217 Queen Chrysalis in Polish Tatra Mountains - Karach

    The place she's visiting is called Czarny Staw GÄ…sienicowy (Black Caterpillar Lake?). Beautiful place (as every inch of the Tatra Mountains :) ).
    218 - FoxyPony

    220 Pinkie Pie, Bronze Horseman, Saint Petersburg, Russia - FoxyPony

    222 Applejack at Knowles Mill, Wyre Forest, UK - Loganberry

    Applejack is a pony who takes a keen interest in farm buildings, so it's not surprising that she's decided to visit Worcestershire to see Knowles Mill. This is an 18th century corn mill that was in commercial operation until the end of the 19th century, and is the best preserved mill of its type in the forest.
    223 Fluttershy at Elgar's statue, Worcester, UK - Loganberry

    Fluttershy, being the musical mare she is, was delighted to visit Worcester to pay homage to one of England's greatest composers, Sir Edward Elgar. Elgar was born just outside the city, and lived in and around Worcester for most of his life, and he played a significant role when the city hosted the Three Choirs Festival.
    224 Rainbow Dash at the King Charles House, Worcester, UK - Loganberry

    Rainbow Dash *could* be in Worcester because she's impressed by the history of this 16th-century pub, from where the future King Charles II escaped after his defeat at the Battle of Worcester in 1651. Knowing her, though, she's probably just here to check out the cider.
    225 Twilly watches the changing of the guard. - UnstableSun (James)

    From my home town. Should've done this years ago. :)
    226 Wish You Were Here, Maud! - Grand Moff Pony

    "Great views from the beach, Maud! Oh, and these rocks here asked me to say hello to Boulder for them!" Taken from Rialto Beach, located just outside of Forks, WA.
    227 A Ray of Color - Grand Moff Pony

    Rainbow Dash catches a rare burst of sunlight on a balmy Alaska evening. Taken from the deck of the Crown Princess as she prepared to leave port in Juneau, Alaska.
    228 A 5,000 Foot View - Grand Moff Pony

    Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash take a quiet moment to enjoy each other's company, and take a good look at the big picture. Taken from atop Hurricane Ridge, inside the Olympic National Park in Washington state. Elevation at this spot is just over 5,200 feet.
    229 Branching Out - Grand Moff Pony

    Sometimes a different view reveals a new perspective. Taken from an overlook point on the Oyster Dome Trail, near Bellingham, WA
    230 Point of Reflection - Grand Moff Pony

    Princess Twilight stops for a moment to reflect on many things. Taken at Blanca Lake, which is located inside the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest in Washington state.
    231 Rarity at historic Sonoma Square, California - Heart of Indigo

    Rarity celebrated the 4th of July touring the beautifuly Valley of the Moon in the wine country of California. When the City Hall was built, the merchants lining the square argued about which side should have the main entrance. They broke the stalemate by making one on each side.
    233 Seoul, South Korea (Gangnam District) - loliamapie

    Just visiting a few relatives and snapped a photo from our building with my two favorite horsey figurines...
    234 63 Building Seoul, South Korea - loliamapie

    Didn't manage to get on top of the building but I did get a snapshot of it with my two favorite pone figurines! :)
    235 HMS Rarity - BruceZoso

    My entry for Ponies Around The World 2015: Rarity next to the HMS Unicorn, Dundee, Scotland, The HMS Unicorn is one of the six oldest ships in the world, is Scotland’s only preserved warship and is the most completely original ship in the entire world to have survived from the golden age of sail.
    236 Ponies at Crater Lake National Park, Oregon - FluttershyHiker/FluttershyIsMagic

    Taking in the view of Crater Lake from the 8,934 ft. (2,723 m) summit of Mount Scott, the highest point in the park. The peak is reached via a strenuous hike to the top, ascending approximately 1,500 feet (460 m) up the mountain in just 2.5 miles according to the park service (although it felt easy for us). It is the tenth highest peak in Oregon.
    237 The Great and Powerful Trixie in Darmstadt - A. J. Henze

    My friend Patrick and me, wearing a Rainbow Dash and a Rarity hat respectively, together with my Trixie plush (made by Patrick) in front of the Hochzeitsturm (Wedding Tower), aka Fünffingerturm (Five-Finger Tower) in Darmstadt, Hessen, Germany.
    240 Dashie visiting Guangzhou CBD(Guangzhou, China) - RogerDaily

    241 Hiking to Iceberg Lake below Mount Adams, WA - FluttershyHiker/FluttershyIsMagic

    Mount Adams is the second tallest volcano in Washington and the third tallest in the Cascade Range at 12,286 feet. It is one of the great sentinels of the Cascades, supporting 10 major glaciers. Iceberg Lake is a small glacial lake at the hoof of Mazama Glacier. The ponies are standing on the Iceberg Lake glacial moraine, which stands at 7,895 feet high. The moraine is reached via a very rough, steep, gravelly, and unmaintained trail ascending above Hellroaring Overlook, the common stopping place for most day hikers. Beyond Iceberg Lake, the "trail" continues to Sunrise Camp, a mountaineering camp for those ascending the rugged southeast routes on Mount Adams. This hike is located in the incredibly scenic and diverse Mount Adams Recreation Area, managed by the Yakama Indian Nation. For a great hike for those looking for a spectacular introduction to the Mount Adams area, try Bird Creek Meadows Loop with a must-do sidetrip to Hellroaring Overlook (total 5.5 miles loop from Bird Lake).
    245 Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy Visit the Wildlife Learning Center - ajnrules

    Rainbow Dash had a chance to go visit the Wildlife Learning Center in the Los Angeles suburb of Sylmar, California. She had a chance to invite a friend, and she immediately thought of the one chance that would enjoy it the most, the kind and animal-loving Fluttershy. And after a long journey, they finally made it to the home of Zeus, the blind screech owl with stars in his eyes.
    246 Mount Washington Summit (Sunset Shimmer) - Sugarsalt

    Ponies Around the World Mount Washington Summit! a few of us from New Hampshire took a trip up there with our pony pals! (the 45 mph winds made us hold em though O_O)
    247 Mount Washington Summit (Doc Whooves) - Sugarsalt

    Ponies Around the World Mount Washington Summit! a few of us from New Hampshire took a trip up there with our pony pals! (the 45 mph winds made us hold em though O_O) This was my friend, Questrion's entry!
    251 Queen Chrysalis in Polish Tatra Mountains - Karach

    On the hiking trail from Åšwinica to Kasprowy Wierch, overlooking some peaks that are part of Slovakian High Tatras.
    253 Dashie at Queen Concert 30-1-2015 - Rutger Janssen (Steam Loco)

    This probably isn't the sharpest picture I've ever made, but this blindbag Dashie was the only thing I could smuggle past security. The concert was, of course, awesome!
    254 Twilight at the top of Hungary - Noble Hooves

    I took Twilight to the highest mountain of Hungary which is the Kekesteto (1014m).
    255 Celestia in Prague - Athaniar

    Princess Celestia with Prague and its castle district behind her. Picture taken in the window of the Petrin Tower.
    256 Greetings from The International Peace Gardens - Modest Bass

    Nightmare Moon and friends take a trip to the International Peace Gardens and the Peace Towers, located on the border of the U.S.A and Canada.
    258 Applejack at the Grand Canal, Venice - George Ellsworth

    View of the Grand Canal in Venice, featuring the Santa Maria della Salute in the background.
    259 Fluttershy at Escondida Light Mode - Tomas Zincker

    Fluttershy paying a visit to Mina Escondida, the most producing copper Rock Farm in the World. - Region of Antofagasta, Chile
    260 Pinkie Pie visits Sydney - Sweet Apple Aches

    Cornflakes Cornflakes Cornflakes Cornflakes Cornflakes Cornflakes Cornflakes Cornflakes Cornflakes

    261 Ponies at North Cascades National Park, Washington - FluttershyHiker/FluttershyIsMagic

    Applejack, Twilight Sparkle, Spitfire, and Fluttershy are taking in the epic view from Cascade Pass, in the incredibly rugged North Cascades National Park, in northern Washington state. The North Cascades are the most rugged mountain range in the contiguous United States (in terms of prominence and depth of valleys), and has over 300 glaciers, more than any other park in the lower 48 states (more than 4 times that of Glacier National Park). More than half the glaciers in the lower 48 states are concentrated in this mountainous wilderness region called the North Cascades. Washington state as a whole has over 500 glaciers, more than any other state outside of Alaska. This rugged mountainous region is a hiker's paradise. Over 400 miles of trails traverse through the park. This view in the photo was taken from Cascade Pass, arguably the most popular hike in the park. The views from the pass are stupendous, and only get better above the pass on the Sahalie Arm.
    262 Ponies at Mount Jefferson, Oregon - FluttershyHiker/FluttershyIsMagic

    The ponies taking in the view of Mount Jefferson, the second tallest volcano in Oregon at 10,495 feet (3,199 m) high. They are standing on the summit of Triangulation Peak, in the Mount Jefferson Wilderness. The hike in to this destination is ranked as moderate. Not to be mistaken with Mount Hood, Mount Jefferson is located to the south of Hood. It is more scenic and offers better hiking solitude than it's more famous neighbor to the north, Mount Hood. The best hike in the area is arguably Jefferson Park via Park Ridge (strenuous).
    263 Ponies at Hellroaring Overlook, Washington, with Mount Adams (12,276 ft.) in View - FluttershyHiker/FluttershyIsMagic

    The ponies are taking in the epic view of Mount Adams, Hellroaring Canyon, the Ridge of Wonders, Mazama Glacier, Hellroaring Falls, and Little Mount Adams cinder cone from the Hellroaring Overlook in the Mount Adams Recreation Area. Mount Adams is the 2nd tallest volcano in Washington and the 3rd tallest mountain in the Cascade Range. Mount Adams supports 12 named glaciers, including the Adams Glacier, one of the largest in the contiguous United States. The Mount Adams Recreation Area is an incredibly beautiful area in the southwest side of Mount Adams. Nowhere else on the mountain are diverse wildflower meadows, lakes, creeks, waterfalls, glaciers, and canyon vistas found in such close proximity. Many hiking trails in the area offer hikers unparalleled vistas and scenery. In fact, the wildflower diversity and quantity here in Bird Creek Meadows is said to be just as amazing as at the world-famous Paradise, located in Mount Rainier National Park.
    264 Lyra and BonBon at vacation - Osvald Soobel

    Behind the ponies are Railway Station of a Estonian City - Haapsalu. Its most beautiful Railway building in region and have longest covered passenger platform (216meters long) Built in 1905 for audience of Russian Czar, who visited legendary good baths and health resorts in Haapsalu. Left smaller unit near the Class 52 Steam Locomotive are private room for audience of Czar, Right hand are ordinary passenger rooms. Between him are open pavilion for choir and orchestra.
    265 Mount Hotham - Laska Nova

    Hey guys :) About a month ago I rode my motorcycle around Eastern Australia .. with my plush Dash for company. So I've put up a bunch of pics from the trip in different places etc. So this link is for one of the pics in the gallery, probably not the best one either. So can I just make the gallery folder my entry?? Thanks for all that you do Love you guys -Laska
    266 Canberra Mental Hospital - Laska Nova

    Another pic from the trip, this time in Canberra ACT visiting that place where my Country keeps all of the evil creatures in the realm.
    267 Temple of Louise - Laska Nova

    Just a random pic from a hike in Lake Louise Canada
    268 Hotham Ride of the Century - Laska Nova

    Another pic from the trip on the bike. This was taken from the peak of Mt Hotham, the road winding its way up here was something I'll never forget. It was so sketchy is some places, especially 2 weeks before winter when I did this, I wasn't sure if I was gonna make it down the other side... Anyway, this was probably the highlight of the trip and almost certainly one of the best days of my life thus far.
    269 The GOR! - Laska Nova

    And of course, the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. One of the strangest roads I've ever ridden but definitely one of the prettiest. PS. I think having Rainbow on the bike there kept me sane throughout this trip. I was riding around the country by myself, 2 weeks before winter on a new bike. Not to mention she kept all my shit safe cos nobody would steal a bike or the bag from the rack if they thought it all belonged to a biker chick. Oh, and aww man was it awkward when I had to get gas in those backwards countryish petrol stations and I was suddenly surrounded by hillabillies. Hahaha that was fun trying to explain the rainbow pony on my superbike :P Thanks again guys for all that you do. Love Laska
    270 The Motherland Calls. Is a statue in Volgograd(Stalingrad), Russia. - GreenFlight (OC)

    Hello from Russia! I live in the city, formerly known as Stalingrad. The picture depicts the main monument dedicated to the "Battle of Stalingrad". I hope you take it for a "Ponies Around the World 2015". Thank you so much! ps sorry for bad English
    271 - ShinxX

    The 2015 MLB All-Star Game at Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati, Ohio.
    273 Apple Bloom in Stone Harbor, NJ - kekerino

    Taken at 96th Street in Stone Harbor from the pier, facing the iconic water tower in the center of town. (Stone Harbor, New Jersey, United States)
    274 PATW Christian at AMSW - Christian Chute

    I hope I did this right. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    275 Twilight Sparkle at Grand Army Plaza - Catie Breen

    Twilight Sparkle was thrilled to visit Grand Army Plaza, a massive Civil War memorial right outside of Prospect Park in Brooklyn, New York City, New York.
    276 Twilight Takes Manehattan (via the Brooklyn Bridge) - Catie Breen

    Twilight strolled from Brooklyn to Manehattan across one of New York City's most famous and beloved landmarks: the Brooklyn Bridge.
    277 Twilight's Dream Come True - Catie Breen

    The central branch of the Brooklyn Public Library in Brooklyn, New York City: Twilight Sparkle's dream come true. The building was designed to look like an open book and contains over a million books and materials. Twilight read to her heart's content.
    278 Amicalola Falls State Park, GA - quantum_pone

    At 729 feet, Amicalola Falls is the highest waterfall in Georgia.
    279 Platform Pegasus - Jerome C. Flaherty

    SP 132 is a passenger car donated by the Southern Pacific to Sparks, Nevada. It's lovingly maintained by volunteers.
    280 Vinyl Scratch @ Kuta Beach, Bali - Indonesia - Ivan

    Vinyl Scratch under the sun at Kuta Beach, one of the most popular and well known beaches and tourist destinations in Bali, Indonesia. Forgot to bring my black Vinyl Scratch when I went there :P *Sorry for the late post as my laptop was breaking down for few days.

    281 Black & White Vinyl Scratch @ Ubud, Bali - Indonesia - Ivan

    Black and white Vinyl Scratch @ Saraswati Temple Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. Also known as Saraswati Park Temple (Indonesian: Pura Taman Saraswati) due to it's lily pond, it was named after Dewi Saraswati, the goddess of wisdom and the arts, who has clearly given her blessing to Ubud. *Sorry for the late post as my laptop was breaking down for few days.
    282 Rarity visits the WW1/liberty Memorial in Kansas City. - Gregory Corliss.

    Taken from the parking lot of Kansas City Union Station, Rarity can be seen with the national WW1/Liberty Memorial in the background.
    283 Rarity inside Union Station Kansas City. - Gregory Corliss.

    Rarity is seen under the famous station clock of Kansas City Union Station.
    284 Rarity and the Western Auto sign. - Gregory Corliss.

    Kansas City is home to one of the only remaining Western Auto signs that actually lights up every night. If you come to Kansas city, everyone tends to leave with a photo/video of the sign. Due to harsh early light, the phone decided to focus on rarity, blurring out the sign heavily but it's there.
    285 Sunset Shimmer and "el Misti" - Jasson

    from Arequipa to the world, Sunset Shimmer with "characato" hat in the lookout of Yanahuara where everypony can see the city and the "Misti"
    286 Sunset Shimmer in the church of Yanahuara (Arequipa) - Jasson

    near to the lookout, there is a very old church, where once upon a time was an scenary of revolutions and battles, now it's a peacefull place where everypony can take photos
    287 Sunset Shimmer and Applejack in the lookout of Yanahuara (Arequipa) - Jasson

    the lookout of yanahuara, a current place where everypony can see the city and the three volcanos
    288 applejack and pinkie pie (Equestria girl) rest in Yanahuara - Jasson

    everypony can rest under the sun and the arequipenian sky
    289 Cherry at Street Fashions USA, San Fransisco - Nikita

    On my southwestern US roadtrip, I listened to the audiobook version of "The Disaster Artist," about the making of the movie "The Room." This building was mentioned as belonging to Tommy, and being one of the locations that the movie was shot at. So Cherry and I made a four hour detour to visit it.
    290 Cherry overlooks the Grand Canyon's Horseshoe Bend, in Arizona - Nikita

    This was my first time visiting the grand canyon. Cherry got right out to the edge of the sandstone to look down at the water below. I was nervous for her, but it's all about the picture.
    291 Cherry walks on frozen Abraham Lake, Alberta - Nikita

    Winter is coming. Driving to Calgary to Grande Prairie via the Icefields Parkway in January, we made a detour out to Abraham Lake, a man-made reservoir. I wasn't sure about the ice, especially when I noticed the cracking sounds with each footstep. Cherry, however, is lighter, and walks on four legs instead of two, so she was able to walk out onto the lake. We didn't see any of the amazing methane bubble formations that I'd read about before the drive, so we'll have to try again next winter.
    292 Cherry overlooks Glen Powell Dam from her rocky outcrop - Nikita

    Nants ingonyama, bagithi Baba! In an unintentional callback to a certain scene from The Lion King, Cherry Jubilee looks out from her sandstone outcropping. The Glen Powell Dam is in the background, upstream on the Colorado river that winds though the canyon far below.
    293 Cherry Jubilee salivates in the salty Death Valley - Nikita

    All of the "rocks" in this vast valley are actually large salt crystals. As such, it was difficult convincing Cherry Jubilee to leave what must have initially seemed like her own personal slice of heaven. But the area is called Death Valley for a reason—it was hot! We quickly retreated to the jug of water and life-saving air conditioning that we had left behind in the car. Though I had to agree with Cherry, that salt was mighty tasty. (Devil's Golf Course, Death Valley, California)
    294 Dashie at San Ysidro Church - QuilllStroke

    Hello EQD! As a person from New Mexico, I decided to take a quick snapshot of Dashie in front of historic San Ysidro Church. Built in 1868, this church is located in the heart of Corrales, a rural village located along the Rio Grande Valley. Even though it is no longer considered a place of worship, the parish hosts festivals, weddings, and celebrations every year. Ponies are even here in Corrales too, Seth! Thanks! @QuillStroke
    299 Sunset Shimmer and Applejack in "la campiña" Sabandia - Arequipa - Jasson

    there is nothing like the "campiña" of Arequipa, a beautifull place where everyone can make a picnic and ride with horses, motorcycles and bycicles in the green lands of this place
    300 Dash in Del Mar - CK

    This photo was on the eve of Opening Day at Ol' Del Mar! I live super close and wanted to participate :)

    And that about ends it for today! Tomorrow we hit up another 100 more, and finish with the finale after that. Thanks to everyone that submit! Hope you all had fun.