• How Long Will this Mini-Hiatus Be?

    As many of you that follow us are now probably aware, today's episode marked a mini-finale, leading into a short hiatus of undetermined length. Hasbro has already announced that the second half of the season will be landing some time later this year, but when?

    Anyway, get it all below!

    We can follow along with the leaked episode list to get a rough idea, and theorycraft a bit based on the Friendship Games movie releasing at the end of September.

    The Discovery Family release of Friendship Games is September 26th, which means September will probably be pretty dominated by marketing for the movie. We haven't seen any kind of announcement for a theater release, so Hasbro may be skipping that this time around. Following that, the DVD drops on the 13th of October.

    Normally this wouldn't exactly signify the start of a season, in fact, EG tends to be centralized when it comes to scheduling during a pony series hiatus, but that changes a bit with the episode list...

    So far, this guide has not let us down. I think we can use it safely, though there is always a chance some of the deeper episodes were changed or fake. The titles point to holiday themed episodes though, which may be one of the reasons (outside of just needing more time) that the latter half of the season is delayed.

    "Scare-Master" definitely sounds like it could be a Halloween themed episode, and "Hearthbreakers" is undoubtedly a Christmas idea. If they follow the list in order (which they usually do, but not always), Halloween marks a Saturday, and traditionally that means "scary" cartoons for kids. Could that mean an October 24th restart with "Canterlot Botique"? Or will they start it even earlier and run "Scare Master" at a similar time to "Luna Eclipsed" (October 22nd)?

    This would release "Hearthbreakers" somewhere around Christmas with a weekly schedule (Hearthswarming Even was on December 17th).

    Only time will tell, but it would make a lot more sense to see these release in their holiday themed slots.

    Fingers crossed the post-season 5 hiatus isn't crazy! From what we have heard, Season 6 is currently being recorded.