• (Rumor) A Questionable Season 5 Episode List Appeared, But Maybe It's More Real Than We Thought?

    When one wanders the weird side of the pony fandom, one tends to run into weird things. A few of you join us in wandering these areas, and sent in an episode list from the /mlp/ board over on 4chan.

    Usually we file these into the "fake but fun" folder, but this one may hold a bit more weight than usual. With the reveal that the series 3 trading cards are hiding episode hints, a few of these actually do sound legit, albiet still ridiculous.

    Are they real? Initial reactions say probably not, but a few things are pointing to their legitimacy. Again, we can't confirm any of this until more episodes are revealed on Zap2it. Head on down below the break to check it out!

    There are two big points here that give this any possible credibility, first off with the big one:

    As mentioned above, the cards have season 5 hints. This card in particular jokes around about a "Princess Spike" at the end. The episode list from 4chan a few days ago has that listed as the 10th episode, one we haven't seen Zap2it reveal yet.

    And second, (which we can't confirm at all but does sound interesting based on screencaps people sent) notes that this guy previously early-revealed the name of the Smooze episode, "Make New Friends and Keep Discord".

    Could he simply have hopped on the trading cards before we realized that they were revealing episodes? Who knows! Until then, have a possible list of episode titles. Again, we can't confirm it at all until a few weeks when Zap2it starts dropping them. Some of these titles are pretty fishy.

    1.2.The Cutie Map Part 1 and 2
    3.Castle Sweet Castle
    4.Bloom and Gloom
    5.Tanks for the Memories
    6.Appleloosa’s Most Wanted
    7.Make New Friends and Keep Discord
    8.The Lost Treasures of Griffinstone
    9.Slice of Life
    10.Princess Spike
    11.Party Pooped
    12.Amending Fences
    13.Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?
    14.Canterlot Boutique
    16.Rarity Investigates
    17.Made in Manehattan
    (Possible Coco Pommel episode the cards made a note of?) 
    18.Brotherhooves Social
    19.Crusaders of the Lost Mark
    20.The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows
    22.What About Discord?
    23.The Hooffields and Mccolts
    24.The Mane Attraction
    25.26.The Cutie Remark Part 1 and 2

    Thanks to Linkeh, Grant, Pyramid, and everyone else for sending this stuff!