• EQD Podcast: Summertime Edition! - Question us in the Comments!

    I'm following the rules of Trixie as laid down by Seth, so here's some awesome magic and Trixie to announce the next EQD Podcast: Summertime Edition! For past editions look no further than right here

     This one will be happening on July 12th at 7pm EST* on youtube. As before we'll have a post and link the day of.

     In case you're new to this here's how it works. We make this post and you guys flood the comments with questions you want us to answer. Wanna know How obsessive Seth gets? Wondering what it's really like working as a pre-reader? Have you always pondered how Gameleon has such a cool accent? This is the time!

     Give us your questions and musings and we'll do our best to answer and entertain. As always, the people who will show up vary wildly, but I can promise my presence at least.

     So fill the comments and we'll see you there!

    *Because I like to troll the pedants