• Awesome Article About the Real World History that Snuck Into My Little Pony

    So, if you guys are anything like me, you love hearing about what influences the show staff use to create our favourite show. Well, today we've got an interview someone wrote about a researcher who studies why those influences even exist.

     The interview is with a woman who studies how modern culture uses and understands ancient cultures. She got hooked on our favourite pastel coloured equines in S2 and never looked back. The article she's written focuses on how the Pegasi culture is a sort of mash-up between Greek and Roman ancient culture and theorizes as to the reasons.

     My favourite part has to be when the interviewer asks if her research is aimed at the MLP crowd, which she completely dismisses. She points out how much we love this show and how many of us adore finding little hints of influence and talking to the staff about the hard work they put into things.

     You can find the interview here and can even follow this amazing researcher here and read the article she wrote over here. She's got some other really cool pieces including one about Blade Runner and Gladiators. I think you need to make an account to access the entirety of her pieces, but it appears to be free for anyone to use. Sort of a facebook for academia.

     I for one hope she has great success and I know all of us would love to hear more of what she has to say on our favourite ponies. Maybe something about the symbolism of Rainbow Dash's mane? Or perhaps the significance of the main six's coat colours in North American colour theory? There's so many possibilities!

    Thanks to Ryan, sleepysteve, and everyone else for sending it!