• Stay Brony My Friends #104 with Lee Tockar and Episode 100 Chat

    Stay Brony My Friends is back with a special episode to commemorate the 100th episode as well as interview the ever awesome sea serpent Lee Tockar! Join in on today's episode as they talk about Lee's latest projects, his work on episode 100, and more!

    As usual, there is a new charity to support this time as well. This time, Lee has chosen the Foundation for Fighting Blindness, a tough issue known personally to Lee as he also suffers from a degenerative eye disease. There are prizes of course for those who donate so check on after the break for the episode and learn how you can donate today!

    Wow! And here we are. The world is still moving, the fandom is not burning to the ground in the flames of burnt fan fictions after the coming of episode 100. Who knew?

    In the magic that is thinking ahead, Stay Brony My Friends had Lee Tockar lined up for the Monday show following this epic episode of awesomeness. Clairvoyant? Maybe.

    Lee of course brought back his epic character of Steven Magnet the fabulous sea serpent but he also brought to life Gummy of all characters! I don't know about you but I was laughing my flank off during this whole episode.

    We talked about his work on #100 as well as the coming restart of the FanBuilt project coming up in a few weeks. We also took many questions from our live studio audience, you should drop by sometime and ask a question or 3.

    Charity work moves ahead in stride as we raised over 600 dollars for Second Harvest Food Bank during the two time since our last show. This time Lee would love to support the Foundation for Fighting Blindness. 

    Lee has degenerative eye disease himself and his sight has been slowly leaving him for years. This charity is near and dear to his heart and I think we can make him proud!
    "Degenerative retinal disease" is far too often just another way of saying "you're going to be blind someday", and even more chilling, is frequently followed by "and there's not a lot that can be done to stop it". Consider for a moment what it means to be told this, and to have it hanging over you... and day by day, to have it play out.

    The Foundation Fighting Blindness is in the forefront of research into education, prevention and cures in this critical area. Progress is being made, but the clock is ticking for far too many people (including our good friend Lee Tockar). Your donations will go directly into dealing with this family of diseases, with some of the most hardworking, dedicated doctors and scientists in the world at your side.

    DO IT. The eyeballs you save could be your own!

    As always we here at Stay Brony My Friends have put together a nice giveaway package for one lucky donator. A Charlotte Fullerton signed script cover, A copy of the Diary of the two Sisters by Amy Keating Rogers, a copy for G.M. Berrow's Princess Celestia book SIGNED by Nicole Oliver herself and more Twilight Sparkle Secret Shipfic cards as well. And if we break 500 bits, Dusty is trowing in his Rainbow Dash backpack SIGNED by Ashleigh Ball!

    SO please help if you can and get a chance at some great swag and watch Stay Brony My Friends for great interviews as well as the latest fake news from Ponyville with Joe Stephens at the Equestria Inquirer.

    And once again, thank you for your support

    Dustykatt & Screwball

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