• Blast from the Past #21 - Derpy Edition

    I was thinking of doing a Derpy Blast post before the 100th episode, but I thought against it considering it might spoil some things for people, heh. Now with the episode long over I think we can celebrate just how far we've come with a little Derpy nostalgia!

    With the revival of the Blast posts I'll be taking suggestions from people for media to spotlight that is at least one year old! This can be anything from music, comics, influential drawing that sparked trends in the fandom, animations, ect. Just send everything to calpain@equestriadaily.com if you have a suggestion! Also, feel free to share some of your own nostalgia in the comments!
    Check on after the break for all things Derpy!

    Derpy by Alfa995

    One of the best Derpy series to come out of the fandom has to be the Derpy series by alfa995! Filled with cuteness and tons of fandom tropes that have evolved around Derpy, they give you a good sense of what Derpy is all about in a short amount of time.

    Check out everything from a Cardcaptor parody to There She Is! down below.

    Derpy and Her Lava Lamp

    This one has been used time and time again on the site, but it never really gets old plus it is super relaxing to boot! Ah, the simple joys of just watching a lava lamp are not lost on Derpy.


    Of course not all of Derpy's animations are cute! Some are pretty epic as well as demonstrated by the ever talented Argodaemon. Remember everyone, Derpy is best princess and has been for a long time.

    Derpy and Dinky

    For those of you newer to the fandom, you might actually wonder how Derpy and Dinky became a thing. Without any recent appearances of the two together it has led to some confusion in recent years about how it all came about and why this unicorn ends up in so much Derpy artwork.

    Well, much like Derpy herself, it all began with folks latching on to a background character. And while Derpy was noticed because of her eyes Dinky was simply noticed due to her unique coat, mane, and tail coloring that matched up pretty well with Derpy.

    Where did this happen you might ask? Well, Dinky first appeared in Winter Wrap Up way back in season 1. All it took was the fandom to make the link between coat, mane, and tail colors and a mother-daughter relationship was born!


    It's a well known fact that Derpy loves muffins, but how did it get to be that way? It seems pretty random, but it does have a source as with Dinky above. During the 4th episode of season 1, Applebuck Season, Derpy is seen in the background with a bunch of other background ponies. Watching closely you can see her say the world 'Muffin' before the scene ends.

    And thus, another aspect of Derpy's personality was born!

    The Mail Mare

    So while we have Dinky and Derpy's love of muffins covered, how the heck did she end up as a mail mare? You can thank season 1 again for that of course! During Feeling Pinkie Keen a huge set of things fall from the sky and crush Twilight down below. Afterwards the camera pans up to see none other than Derpy at the back of a delivery cart looking bashful for dropping the items in question.

    Ever since she has been our muffin munching, motherly, mail mare! Her personality now pretty much complete!

    The Zicygomar Comics

    Way back in the day some of the classic Derpy comics came from the artist Zicygomar! Helping to popularize the idea that Derpy and Carrot Top were friends/roommates, the comics were insanely popular at the time and the hermit crab one still makes me break out in a smile.

    Check out a small selection of them below!

    Zicygomar's Gallery

    The Last Roundup

    No Derpy article would be complete without some mention of The Last Roundup which led to 'Derpygate'. For those of you new to the show, back in season 2 the creators of the show gave us a huge nod of approval by including a scene with Derpy and even calling her Derpy in the episode The Last Roundup. The fandom proceeded to explode with glee.

    It was a good time for the fandom, but things somehow quickly took a turn for the worse as dissenters to Derpy's appearance began to cause a bit of a ruckus over the voice chosen for Derpy (apparently a mistake in of itself as Tabitha who voiced Derpy thought she was male) and how she was used in the scene. This eventually led to the change of The Last Roundup to exclude the name Derpy as well as change her voice.

    Tension over the incident has lasted for quite awhile now, but with the return of Derpy in glorious fashion it's plain to see those troubled times are over! Check on down below for the original clip from The Last Roundup and the edited version for some context as well as a reaction video to Derpy in a popular stream.

    Now for some classic Derpy art

    To end things today, have some classic Derpy art! We hope you've enjoyed this little step back into history and we look forward to seeing you again in our next Blast to the Past update!

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