• Ridiculously Cute 125 Page "Little Pony Drawing Book" Appears on Amazon

     If you are like me, you have probably tried to draw ponies quite a few times over the years. The lack of complex body parts makes them an excellent entry point for general artistic skill gaining. With the Artist Training Ground returning at the end of August, It's time to start preparing to learn again!

    A new unnofficial book titled "Little Pony Drawing Book: How to Draw and Create Magical Friends" has appeared over on Amazon, complete with all sorts of really cute OC pony art, along with guides on everything from materials to anatomy. It is probably the most extensive look at drawing every single possible thing imaginable with cartoon horses we have ever seen, and we have an entire tutorial section on the side bar.

    24 of the 123 pages are available in preview form if you are interested.

    And going along with that, there are two more coloring books that give an idea on what you'd be learning in the drawing guide. Have those too:

    Little Pony Fashion Coloring Book
    Little Pony Coloring Book

    Finally knockoff merchandise on Amazon that isn't creepy!

    Thanks to Stardreamer for sending these.