• Rating for Party Pooped Arrive - Numbers Rise Significantly

    I guess the explosive force of the Yaks helped with last weekend's ratings. Anything low would not have been perfect for them after all. Numbers for this week totaled to 369,000 viewers, an increase of 109,000 viewers over Princess Spike which had 260,000 viewers.

    With no real change in how Discovery has been advertising the episodes lately (meaning little to no advertising) it looks like Father's Day weekend in the US the week before was what possibly hurt ratings for Princess Spike the most.

    One thing to remember guys is that these viewer numbers don't reflect us and how closely we follow all show news. These are just simple Neilsen Families that are affected a lot by advertising, holidays and other things, so don't take viewer numbers as evidence of individual episode quality.

    Thanks to Andy G. for the info!


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