• My Little Pony CCG Looking for Convention Volunteers!

    Interested in volunteering for the My Little Pony CCG at various cons around the US? Are you 18 years old and have your own transportation to the event? Then this might be your chance! The quote below is from Facebook, and you if you have any questions you can contact info@enter-play.com for more info.
    If you're interested in volunteering as a CCG judge, demo giver, or store representative for a company and card game you love, check out one of the following survey links and fill out the information requested. If you aren't going to be at one of the following conventions, fill out the general survey--we may contact you at about a future convention in your area.

    MLP Fair - June 26-28
    San Diego Comic Con - July 9-12
    Gen Con - July 30-Aug 2
    BronyCon - Aug 7-9
    General Survey