• Guide to Special Foils in MLP Trading Card 3-Packs

    For you collectors out there of the non-gaming My Little Pony Trading Cards, here's some information from the Enterplay Facebook about snagging the special foils and puzzle foil cards that you can find out in 3-packs at Walmart right now:
    If you're looking to complete your Series 3 checklist, the 3-Pack Blisters at Wal-Mart contain some stunning surprises – an exclusive foil puzzle and 9 of our Series 3 special foil cards! These cards are generally reserved for our special bundles and con promotion, but this go-around you can get a limited quantity in the special 3-packs.
    It seems they were inserted into the box back side out, so here's a handy guide to identifying which cards are which when you're looking at a 3-pack.

    Up above is what all 9 of the special foils in Series 3 look like, and here's a picture of one of these 3-packs in the wild. Plus, below the break you can sneak a peek at the completed 9-card puzzle you'll find pieces of inside these same 3-packs.