• Music of the Day #513

    There was a time before bat ponies, Rainbow Dash leaked scripts, and random images where Luna was the mascot of Music of the Day. It probably should have been called Music of the Night instead though looking back.

    REGARDLESS! Get your music below.

    [1] Source
    Backlash – Original MLP Song by MathematicPony

    [2] Source
    Flyghtning - Dragonbeat

    [3] Source
    Medley of FiM Songs


    [4] Source
    Equestrian Hymn

    [5] Source
    The Nocturne of the Firmaments

    [6] Source
    SDreamExplorerS - The Last Alicorn (Instrumental version)

    [7] Source
    Rocco488™ feat. TheBullet985 - Ready for Portal

    [8] Source
    Totalspark - Submerged

    [9] Source
    [MLP:FiM PMV] Daniel Ingram - My Little Pony - Make a Wish (DJ Terrum Bootleg Remix)

    [10] Source
    Sights Unseen - Ghosts (Metrobud Remix)