• Fallout New Vegas Mod: Gardens of Equestria: Smuggler's Run!

    If you are like me, you already went out and reinstalled Fallout 3 or New Vegas thanks to the recent announcement of Fallout 4. If you are also like me, you probably haven't really played much of it because everything is the same.

    Luckily, we have a mod for that.

    Gardens of Equestria: Smugglers Run adds a safehouse filled with pony stuff, armor, weapons, and more. Have the exact list:

    • A hidden safehouse deep in the hills outside Goodsprings holds many secrets and few answers.
    • Locate some of the most advanced weaponry the Ministry of Wartime Technology ever developed and wield these fearsome weapons through your travels throughout the Mojave Wasteland!
    • Three unique sets of armor, each with their own special traits, await you.
    • Find a way into the depths of the safehouse and discover a virtual treasure trove for those skilled enough to get to it.
    • The distortions in reality have already started. Nuka-Cola has become Sparkle-Cola and Sunset Sarsaparilla has become Sunset Shimmer Sarsaparilla! And the changes aren’t limited to just the safehouse.
    • Many other items have changed as well, but you’ll have to discover the extent of the changes yourself. Who knows how far they have spread?
    • Know that for every lock, there exists a key for those with keen eyes and nimble fingers.
    • Custom music by Corvus Productions, made specially for Smuggler’s Run. (We'll be releasing this for download on our SoundCloud site at a future date).

    If text isn't your thing, a video was also released with some surprisingly cool robotic voice acting. Get that down below.

    Or just go in blind. The mod is over here.

    You can find their main website here!