• Blast from the Past #20 - Weird Edition

    While we got our jam on with last week's Blast from the Past today we're going to be delving into some of weird that our fandom produced back in the day, some of which spawned memes that we still see in the fandom to this day. While there has never been a lack of weird in the fandom, there certainly have been some exceptional ones so check on after the break for some crazy!

    General Warning: Some of these on the mature side so proceed with caution!

    With the revival of the Blast posts I'll be taking suggestions from people for media to spotlight that is at least one year old! This can be anything from music, comics, influential drawing that sparked trends in the fandom, animations, ect. Just send everything to calpain@equestriadaily.com if you have a suggestion! Also, feel free to share some of your own nostalgia in the comments!

    Now, on to some history!

    Team Fortress and Pony

    Ponies and Team Fortress have a long history. Some of the first pony mods I remember were for Team Fortress and Minecraft and even today we frequently see the ponies playing different classes from the game in pictures and SFM movies. One of the best videos to come out of this union was Sandviches! by Zeurel based on dialogue created by 2007excalibur2007 back in 2011.

    Friendship is Magic Bitch and the Sequel

    Ever wonder where the Bananas meme came from? It's all thanks to a short animation made by Skaijo back in 2011 where Celestia solves all her problems by just launching ponies to the Moon. A simple but amusing premise turned into something we still quote to this day.

    Following up on the success of Friendship is Magic Bitch, Skaijo made a sequel with Nightmare Moon on the Moon going through very obvious lonliness with her only friend Skippy.

    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic provides a realistic representation of life in Ponyville

    Some of you back in the day may remember Moonbase Alpha, a game put out by NASA to simulate how a colony on the Moon with problems might be like. While the game itself was well made, what drew people to it was the hilarious things you could do with the text-to-speech program in the game. 

    First created by motdef back in 2011, it wasn't long till MrYaridovich made his own version that you can check out above. Watch out for the Chinese Earthquake!

    Friendship Isn't Real

    Of course some of the weirdest vids we got from the past were people parodying the show itself back when it was still pretty new. KawaiiPiranha who is known for her number of parody videos took a stab at the show and made this rather surreal and crazy version of our little horses. While parodies of the show aren't as common as they used to be, the spirit still lives on in animations and comics based on recent episodes.


    Not all weird (but awesome) vids have to be animations! Unanimous Delivers proved that with this rather amazing mix to celebrate 1000 subs back in the day, featuring a lot of pony as well as other shows, games, songs, ect that Unanimous had used on their channel in the past. Even today it's quite catchy and it certainly gives me a nostalgic feeling.

    The MOV Series

    You think I wouldn't include The MOV series in a list about weird pony media? Probably the most popular out of the things in today's list, the MOV series took us to a surreal version of Equestria and never looked back. Who knew a silly animation with AJ eating tons of apples would spawn a whole series? With phrases such as 'Hey, hey, hey don't go in my shed!' and 'You're going to get a wicked bad tummy ache.' still quoted from time to time to this day, the MOV series by HotDiggedyDemon has left it's mark in fandom history.

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