• 99 Episode Celebration - 9 Of the Best Pop Culture Reference of the Last 5 Seasons!

    Pony is absolutely overflowing with references to just about everything out there. It's one of the reasons this show is so endearing to the older generations. Almost every episode does something.  It becomes sort of a game to see how many we can pull out in the episode followups.

    And so begins the next installment to our 99 episode celebration - Spotlighting some of the best references in the last 5 seasons! Obviously 9 doesn't come anywhere near all of the awesome ones out there, so definitely donate yours in the comments.

    Now go check out the list below!

    Slender Man

    During a time when people wouldn't shut up about Slender and Slender based games,  Slendermans appearance in pony was just icing on the cake.  But where is Slenderpony now? Does he continue to stalk the mane 6?

    This guy wasn't even noticed for a few days. Now that's a hidden reference!

    Big Lebowski

    One of the original major Stoner Comedies of the 90's (that later cause the massive influx we see now),  The Big Lebowski appearing in pony is a pretty big deal. They got everything from the beards to the glasses here. I'd bowl with these dudes.

    3D Shades and Rose with Doctor Whoof

    I know I'll get hell for it, but when it comes to Doctor Who and his companions, the dynamic with Rose was always my favorite. Her excitement to get out there and explore was always a draw for me. The other side characters always seemed to have an extra agenda, while her's was just to escape and... do what I'd want to do traveling the universe. It was an innocent curiosity, and certain type of bravery that the others just can't come close to.

    RoseXdoc OTP.  It also helps that David Tennant was BEST DOCTOR!

    Benny Hill Chase Scene

    Taking it back to the OLDSCHOOL episodes with the Benny Hill chase scene from Bird in the Hoof.  I remember when this one first happened and the incredible freakouts in the stream. Not only was the music a near-perfect rendition, it also played the scenes out perfectly.

    Get it over here!

    MMMYstery on the Friendship Express James Bond / Sherlock

    Two for one in this one. Look at how much of a pimp Con Mane is. ALL THE MARES.

    Pinkie Pie rockeed a Sherlock costume, and we got some James Bond up above. MMMYstery on the Friendship Express delivered.

    Pinkie Pie Rap

    Pinkie Pie took pretty much all of 80's and 90's rap and mixed it up into a single song. Da Wonderboltz. While we haven't gotten our full Ponk rap album yet, it still lives on as one of her most ridiculous moments in the show. If we didn't have Discord, I think Pinkie Pie would make up for his scenes pretty damn well.

    Daring Do

    How could we do a reference list without Daring Do? I'll be honest, I was more of a Star Wars kid growing up than an Indiana Jones one. I never actually sat down and watched all the movies until I was a senior in High School. That being said, I love me some Daring Do! The colors, the pith helmet, the Rainbow Dash everything! Part of me is disappointed she's not Dashie's self insertion anymore, but at the same time I want more of her.

    Discord in General / Glass of Water song

    While Daring Do is herself a reference, Discord takes it to a whole new level of insanity, while also being loosely based off Q in Star Trek. His repertoire covers everything from Metal Gear Solid to Harry Potter, with an almost overwhelming amount of scenes dedicated to this specific talent of his. If Discord had a butt symbol, it would be a movie prop.

    If ever there was a point in this show where we could send someone from just about any genre or fandom, it would be the Glass of Water song. It's pretty much a shotgun of everything. 

    Ponified Star Wars at the end of Return of Harmony

    As if Discord joining the show didn't take the possibilities for crossover's high enough, the final minute of his episode was literally a complete copy of the ending of Star wars. Scene for scene, it follows as closely as possible, switching between different characters exactly as the movie did it. An awesome comparison can be found over here.

    Honorable Mention/Dictator Edit
    Trixie References ALL THE GODS. 

    The greatest reference in the show hooves down! Representing the deities of all major world religions in a single pony! A luxurious mane that would make Athena jealous! The confidence of Shiva! The balance of Buddha! The humility of Jesus! None can match her perfection. Not even the one I'm afraid to mention here!

    And that covers it. Go complain/recommend more categories/add your favorite reference in the comments below!