• Writer's Training Grounds Submissions: "The Cutie Map"

    It's time for another Writer's Training Grounds story compilation!  (And it's on time this time and everything!)

    For the last week, you guys have been writing stories about the Season 5 premiere, and now it's time to see what you came up with!  Don't just sit here listening to me talk about them; go find the submissions below the break!

    Normal/Slice of Life

    [Normal] - 3334 words

    Author: Gapeagle

    I am Starlight Glimmer. I now sit here in front of a Ponyville school, waiting, watching, praying, and planning. I have no power, no allies, and certainly no friends. That is going to change. It will change with the three fillies that approach me this second.

    The Whisper of Freedom

    Characters: Starlight Glimmer, Cutie Mark Crusaders

    [Normal] - 2120 words

    Author: GoGreenGirl

    Twilight Sparkle didn't expect Starlight Glimmer to ever return. Even more surprising is that she wants help. From her! Has Starlight Glimmer really changed for good?

    By Starlight Glimmer

    Characters: Starlight Glimmer, Twilight Sparkle

    [Normal] - 7000 words

    Author: Ponichaeism

    Starlight Glimmer emerges from hiding with a mob of fiery new followers, loudly proclaiming one demand: Free and equal elections for the office of princess. Princess Celestia is a fair ruler, and consents to follow the will of the masses. To Applejack and Apple Bloom, it seems impossible Starlight will win. She's a dark horse candidate, all the way. But if her followers turn out to be more numerous than previously thought, the Apple family may have to reconsider what they'll do should the unthinkable happen and Starlight Glimmer become the new princess of Equestria.

    No Pony Left Behind 2: Enduring Freedom

    Characters: Apple Bloom, Starlight Glimmer, Applejack


    [Comedy] - 1170 words

    Author: _MrSir_

    After a small reworking of her ideology, Starlight Glimmer returns to public view. Now she will conquer the unequal masses through the magic of approximation! Will it all add up in the end? Who knows? Starlight was never good at math.

    Ascent Through Approximation

    Characters: Starlight Glimmer

    [Random][Sad] - 1339 words

    Author: Dusty Hooves

    he may have been defeated and hiding out in a mountain cave but Starlight wasn't leaving just yet. She had unfinished business to take care of. Someone she cared about was still down there and she wasn't leaving without him!

    One last thing left to do

    Characters: Starlight Gilmmer, Double Diamond

    [Random][Comedy] - 1135 words

    Author: DashiePon3

    Starlight Glimmer sits down for a therapy session with Trixie and maybe learns more about herself then she thinks.

    Starlight Glimmer's Therapy Session

    Characters: Starlight Glimmer, Trixie, Diamond Dogs

    [Comedy] - 3822 words

    Author: Xtralife

    Fluttershy's plan to reveal Starlight Glimmer as a fraud goes awry when she misses with the bucket of water! Can Sugar Belle, Night Glider, and Party Favor fare any better if they still don't have their cutie marks? What about Starlight's obedient patsy and henchstallion, Double Diamond - will he catch on? And just how much will it take before Starlight completely snaps?

    Just an Accident

    Characters: Sugar Belle, Night Glider, Party Favor


    [Adventure] - 4300 words

    Author: ScifiPony

    Starlight Glimmer understands the errors she made. She's moved to Canterlot to live under the radar, helping ponies as a therapist. It was wonderful to watch the worry drain out of mare when her cutie mark separated and she could temporarily stare at it in a mason jar, and finally talk about how it changed in her life. Unfortunately, Starlight's reputation proceeds her. When a stallion shows up wanting her to help a "friend," and not in a good way, she fears her dreams of helping ponies will be crushed yet again.

    Lesson Learned

    Characters: Starlight Glimmer

    [Adventure] - 6007 words

    Author: Green Akers

    Starlight Glimmer embarks on a quest to find the Staff of Comet Tail, hoping to use the staff's power to defeat the Elements of Harmony and rebuild her mark-less society. To claim the staff, however, she'll need to dodge all the ponies that want to throw her in prison, not to mention outwit all the other creatures on the staff's trail...

    Starlight Glimmer, Tomb Raider

    Characters: Starlight Glimmer, Daring Do, Ahuizotl

    [Adventure] - 1513 words

    Author: Tangerine Blast

    After Twilight's plan to retrieve the cutie marks failed it's up to Night Glider and Sugar Belle to save the day.

    Cutie Markless Rescue

    Characters: Sugar Belle, Night Glider, Double Diamond


    [Dark] - 3836 words

    Author: Third Wave

    The Mane Six have failed to spread friendship to the village and went home in defeat. But Sugar Belle, Party Favor, and Night Glider have gained a new recruit to their cause. Double Diamond, after the Mane Six demonstrated what true friendship looks like, and Double Diamond has seen the light. Together, the four must now spread that message to the rest of the town to free it from Starlight Glimmer's grasp.

    Success is Failure

    Characters: Double Diamond, Starlight Glimmer, Sugar Belle

    [Dark] - 1582 words

    Author: Libertydude

    Starlight Glimmer fled into the cave just to escape. But as she plots revenge and goes deeper into the caverns, she'll find an ally who'll aid her in her revenge.

    The Mother

    Characters: Starlight Glimmer, OC, Mane 6

    [Dark] - 5129 words

    Author: SeaKayBee

    Starlight Glimmer returns requesting to see Princess Twilight. She claims to be reformed, but strange occurrences begin to happen in the town, and all eyes turn on Starlight Glimmer.

    A Visitor

    Characters: Twiloght Sparkle, Starlight Glimmer


    [Normal][Sad] - 2200 words

    Author: Georg

    A villain from Twilight Sparkle’s past returns to Canterlot It’s time for Princess Celestia to teach her a lesson about redemption and trust.

    Starlight Glimmer - A Matter of Complete Trust

    Characters: Princess Celestia, Starlight Glimmer

    [Sad][Normal] - 1400 words

    Author: A Hoof-ful of Dust

    Paint my face up. See the smile in the mirror. Don't feel one of m' own.

    Wiil the Circle Be Unbroken?

    Characters: Troubleshoes Clyde, Starlight Glimmer

    [Sad] - 5034 words

    Author: 1Bluefur

    Starlight Glimmer traveled for many months after emerging from the caves where she vanished after her former citizens turned on her. In those months her bitterness and hatred grew and developed. These emotions fueled a master plan.

    The Stars and the Moon

    Characters: Starlight Glimmer, Twilight Sparkle, Princess Luna