• Convention Compilation - May 16th

    Lots of conventions on the way, along with a bit of charity for said conventions. We have a bit of news from EFNW, Equestria LA, and Brony Thank You Fund.

    Have some headlines:

    Brony Thank You Fund Discount Pin Program
    Everfree Northwest - Ponystock 2015, Events Schedule, Vendor list, and Special Ticket Sale!
    Vendor Applications now Live for Equestria LA 2015

    And get your full press releases below the break!

    Brony Thank You Fund Discount Pin Program


    I am Loyal Ties ( William Sanders ) with The Brony Thank You Fund. We are a charity fund who donate our funds to many projects such as scholarships and to aid in finding cures for cancer. We are going to be attending Everfree NW in Seattle along side of you in the Vendor hall and would be honored to have you assist in a project we are doing. If you went to BABSCON then you are familiar with it. We are going to give pins to those who donate a set amount and would like it if vendors would be willing to offer discounts to those guests with those pins.

    Here is how the program will work for those who are curious.

    The pin ( Which will be limited to about 600 pins on site.
    The pin will be unique to EFNW 2015 and won't be able to get it any other location.

    When some pony makes a donation in the amount of $5 or more, they will receive a pin.

    We are providing donations received to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

    Current vendors who has agreed to help out.

    Silver Games LLC
    Steve Holt
    Kendra Fischer
    Frog and Cog Creations

    Please contact me at [email protected],edu for additional information, questions, out if this might be something you might be willing to do and help out.

    William Sanders - Loyal Ties
    BTYF Treasurer

    Everfree Northwest - Ponystock 2015, Events Schedule, Vendor list, and Special Ticket Sale!

    Get ready for some amazing music at Everfree NW 2015 with our Ponystock music concert! It'll be 2 nights of some of the best music in the MLP fandom, starting Friday and Saturday at 7pm and going until 2am for a total of 14 hours of music! We have a line-up of 19 musical artists ready to ready to rock your cutie marks off including:

    Luna Jax
    Maestro Scherzo and Bright Side
    DJ Temp3st
    Donn Devore and the Cutie Marks
    DJ Tetsuo
    Jeff Burgess and the Bad Mares
    Automatic Jack
    Silva Hound

    So join us in Seattle this May 29th and 30th for great music, a fun atmosphere, and a good time for all!

    Everfree Northwest 2015 Events Schedule Now Live

    Hello everyone! The Everfree Northwest Events staff has some exciting news: The Weekend Schedule of Events for the Everfree NW 2015 convention is now live! You can take a look for yourself at everfreenw.com/events!

    We received many amazing panel submissions for this year's convention, and we've been hard at work taking those panel ideas and developing a varied and exceptional array of events for you, our attendees, to choose from! We event have a little “My Schedule” tool so you can plan what panels you want to attend in advance.

    So what can you look forward to in this year's convention programming? There's fantastic panels featuring our Special Guests and Community Guests, a Charity Auction,, our 2 day Ponystock music concert, Foal programming specifically for the kids, tournaments and contests, cosplay photoshoots, chillouts, writing and fanfiction, karaoke, tabletop games, electronic games, how-tos, the Dear Princess panel, art room, and so much more! And you can even go all night in our 24 electronic gaming room! All combined, we have over 100 panels and events at this Everfree NW 2015!

    We wish to thank everyone for sending in their fantastic panel submissions and ideas, you help us make our convention a truly amazing time! We can't wait for you all to join us in Seattle May 29-31, where for the weekend we'll bring a bit of Equestria to Earth.

    Everfree NW 2015 Vendors List

    Are you coming to Everfree NW 2015 and want to get a head start on planning what vendors you want to meet and throw your bits at (or preferably hand to very nicely and politely) for awesome stuff? Then check out our Vendors page at everfreenw.com/vendors! We have a stellar Marketplace this year, featuring over 75 vendors offering everything from art to games to clothing to jewelry to customs to plushies and so, so much more!

    Special Tickets Now On Sale

    Hello everypony!

    Have you ever wanted to get up close and personal with the Special Guests of Everfree Northwest? How about dinner with Discord? Or breakfast with Celestia? Maybe you want to learn from the pros, at a Voice Acting Class! Or get feedback on an original show idea you've had in your mind?

    Well, now you can! Tickets for these limited special events are available now to everypony! But they're going fast, , so don't delay! Seating is limited, and once these events are sold out, no more will be available! More details on the events and dates/times are available at the time of purchase. Follow this link to get your tickets now! everfreenw.com/event-registration/special-event-tickets

    This year, we are pleased to offer:

    Breakfast with Celestia - $200

    Wake up with Celestia and celebrate the new day with Nicole Oliver! Come and join the Princess of the sun for a delightful, leisurely meal. Your exclusive ticket includes a world class, full service breakfast, so come hungry!

    Dinner with Discord - $250

    Come dine with the Draconequus himself, Discord! You’ll get to be up close and personal with John de Lancie, while enjoying a delicious evening meal. Dinner is included with your ticket, so bring your appetite!

    Voice Acting Class with Lee Tockar - $150

    Ever wanted to learn from one of the pros? Come to this special event, and join in on a private voice acting class taught by Lee Tockar.

    Mock Pitch Meeting with Jim Miller and Jayson Thiessen - $150

    Come and pitch your original ideas to Directors Jim Miller and Jayson Thiessen! Ever wanted to start your own television show or movie? Get genuine feedback on your script from Jim and Jay, in this exclusive and limited event! All content must be original and created by YOU. Anything relating to My Little Pony or currently existing works will not be allowed to be pitched. Don't come empty hooved, get those creative juices flowing!

    Sherclop Pones Variety Show (featuring John de Lancie) - $40

    The celebrated creators of Friendship is Witchcraft team up with the Master of Mischief himself, John de Lancie! Join us for this exclusive variety show hosted by everpony's favorite horse detective. Hurry, as tickets and seating are limited!

    Please email any questions to [email protected] with the subject Ticketed Events. We will respond as soon as possible with any inquiries.

    Vendor Applications now Live for Equestria LA 2015

    Frequently Asked Question #1: When do vendor applications go live?

    Answer: Right now!

    You’ve been waiting and here they are! Now’s your chance to lock down a vendor table for Equestria LA weekend, September 4-6. Space is limited so register now!

    Here’s the breakdown:

    $175 - 4’x6’ - One vendor membership, one lunch each day

    $350 - 8’x6’ - Up to two vendor memberships, up to two lunches each day

    $700 - 16’x6’ - Up to four vendor memberships, up to four lunches each day

    Since we know how long our vendors are working, and a common issue is finding time to eat, we will be working with the Hilton to provide lunch each day, which will include a choice of salad and sandwich, as well as sides of whole fruit, kettle chips, and a freshly baked cookie.

    For anyone else who's interested simply in attending the convention, our registration page can be found here. And don’t forget! Our venue is offering special discounted room nights for our attendees. Space is limited, so snag yours soon!

    See you Labor Day weekend!