• "Winter is Coming" Shirt Gets a DMCA Notice from HBO

    Twilight Sparkle may have said it in the show, but "Winter is Coming" apparently goes too far if she grows a beard and adorns a shirt! HBO sent off a DMCA notice to Teepublic on this shirt we posted up last week. It has since been removed from the site.  I suppose this is a call to be careful of using bearded equines and Game of Thrones phrases. HBO actually does own the trademark. (Update: Apparently you can't link to it due to some weird mojo the site uses. It's a trademark that covers shirts, mugs, mouse pads, etc with the phrase "Winter is Coming".

    Kinda funny how ponies can crossover even into the legal world isn't it?

    Thanks to Alexstrazatstsazte for sending it. I can never spell his name.

    Update 2: And then there was a new version.