• Discussion: What was the Actual Meaning of Trouble Shoe's Cutie Mark?

    Cutie Marks usually seem to be a positive thing. Unless you are nightmaring about living your life as a bug exterminator, they tend to match up with what you actually want to do.

    Trouble Shoes is an interesting case. To think that anyone could literally be "cursed" by their butt is kind of terrifying. Surely a destiny of being clumsy and ruining things isn't what this guy ended up with. It's all in his head... right?

    Fandom, we need your help. What exactly was his cutie mark for? It obviously isn't 100% "be a clown at a rodeo". What else could an upside-down horse shoe actually mean?

    Hit those comments up!

    (And the record for largest butt posted on EQD goes to this post)