• Spotlight Music: By Your Side / Deer in the Headlights (Owl City Cover) / Heaven Knows

    It has been a long time since I added a pony song to my playlists. Time to change that!

    And after that, get some brony music. An Owl City cover to be more precise. We haven't gotten any others to pair it with and I'm tired of seeing it sit in the inbox, so it joins the pony! And the trio that did it rock.

    Following that, Aviators brings in some pony music! It has been a while!

    Get them below

    1.) REDD - By Your Side (Original Mix) (Vocal - Electronic)
    2.) PrinceWhateverer, Poni1Kenobi & Turquoise Splash - Deer in the Headlights (Owl City Cover) (Vocal - Punk Rock)
    3.) Aviators - Heaven Knows (MLP Song) (Vocal - Soft Rock)