• Pony CCG announces Discord Week and some Utter Chaos!

    If you read Season 5 posts you probably know by now: Discord is returning to FiM in just two days! Well, Enterplay just announced they're celebrating with Discord Week for My Little Pony CCG. And, you might be asking, what's Discord Week? To quote:
    Discord Week starts this Saturday, May 16th at Noon Eastern, when we'll post the first Utter Chaos rule card. Just like how Absolute Discord brings Chaos text and other exciting changes to the My Little Pony CCG, these Utter Chaos rule cards feature fun optional rules that cause a variety of effects in your games–some small and some tremendously tumultuous! We'll be releasing a new Utter Chaos rule card every 12 hours until Discord Day.

    And what's Discord Day? It's the last day of Discord Week, of course:
    Saturday, May 23rd is Discord Day, when we'll post a mix of old and new Utter Chaos rule cards once per hour! Get together with your friends and play MLP: CCG as the rule changes keep on coming! You can change up the Utter Chaos rule every hour along with us, or choose to print out all the Utter Chaos rule cards and make a Chaos Deck, or even pick your favorites and roll a die to decide between them every 10 minutes... The sky's the limit!
     If you want to keep up with Discord Week, here are the relevant Facebook and Twitter pages!