• Rebecca Shoichet and Ellen Kennedy at BronyCAN 2015!

    BronyCAN is bringing it recently as they are happy to announce the attendance of both Rebecca Shoichet and Ellen Kennedy, the voices of Sunset Shimmer and Mane-iac respectively.

    Check on after the break to learn more about these two and how you can get in on the BronyCAN fun.

    As we enter our third year, BronyCAN continues to introduce new show guests to the convention scene as we introduce veteran voice actress Ellen Kennedy, voice of the Mane-iac and Chimera in Season 4 to our audience this year. However, we are just as happy to welcome the return of familiar faces and voices, particularly singer and actress Rebecca Shoichet! Join us on August 21-23 in Richmond, British Columbia to welcome these talented guests to BronyCAN!

    Every time you watch an episode of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, you hear the voice of Rebecca Shoichet singing the show's opening theme song. She is the singing voice for everyone's favourite pony princess, Twilight Sparkle! You may also know her as the recently reformed villain, Sunset Shimmer, in Equestria Girls and Rainbow Rocks. And she recently voiced two NEW pony characters, Sugar Belle and Night Glider, in the season 5 premier of MLP: FiM. Some other fave credits of Rebecca's are Willi in Maya the Bee, Lorne in Kid vs. Kat, Agent Abigail Brand in Astonishing X-Men, Nana Osaka in the English dubbing of Nana and a few other super-sweet, up-coming roles that she's not allowed to talk about yet! Besides in-studio work, Rebecca also sings live with bands Soulstream, Side One and Mimosa. And has toured with pop/rock artists Tom Cochrane and Amanda Marshall. Rebecca is stoked to be a part of the MLP family and can't wait to meet you all here at BronyCAN!!!

    Ellen has been a voice performer since the early 1990’s. Her voice can be heard in hundreds of episodes of pre-lay series, and dubbing for anime. Some favorite characters along the way have been Mrs. Pteranodon in Dinosaur Train, Brainy Barker in Krypto The Superdog, Kyoko Otonashi in Maison Ikkoku, Cappy in Hamtaro, and, of course, her guest characters in My Little Pony. In Season 4, she voiced Mane-iac and Chimera, and in Season 5, a yet unannounced character! In addition to voice work, Ellen also performs regularly doing live improv, singing at special events as well as some theatre, film and TV work. She lives with her husband in Vancouver, BC.

    Twitter: Calpain