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    More Equality Horse because we're all equal here at EqD. Welcome...

    News coming at your face! Catch it all after the break my friends and thanks to Kia for the header for tonight!

    Tonight's Stories

    Ponibooru Film Night

    Poster artist DaisyHead here. This week we're doing a T.V party with an
    all french theme. So all the shows are made in France:

    Sonic Underground: Yes, this is french. And really bad.

    Patrol 03: A cartoon about a dog, a rat and a crippled fox who are the laughing stock of the police force working for a chief who wants to take over the town behind their backs.

    Bunny Malone: Childrens show with a strip club. Nice. No i'm not joking.

    Galactic Football: It's literally the same concept as Yu-Gi-Oh but with FIFA.

    Robin Hood mischief in Sherwood: Yet again, another adaptation of Robin Hood that isn't fox furries.

    Lolirock. Nope. Still not joking. That's the actual name. They're Loli rockstars... and Precures.

    Bellflower Bunnies: Animated adaptation of a childrens picture book series called the Beechwood Bunnies.

    Rayman the animated series: It was so bad it's good. And it didn't even get past episode 4. And it's got billy west as Rayman.

    Ugly Duckling and me: The ugly duckling is being raised by a rat. Also, it doesn't include me in it. You lied to me cartoon.

    Host's for film night will be:
    Harlequin Jester

    LOCATION WILL BE HERE: http://original.livestream.com/poniboorufilmnight?t=250163


    Chalk Ponies Galore!

    Chalk drawings are a favorite on college campuses, so why not fill the sidewalks with some pony?

    Check out the full story here!

    Shark Covers: Tubby Wubby Pony Waifu Duet ft Heather Blossom

    A cover of the famous Tubby Wubby Pony Waifu song from RDP!

    Make This Castle A Home (Short Version)

    This song just became 20% cooler! (Please don't hurt me...)

    Tonight's Successful Meetups

    Edmaneton Alberta Area Bronies Premiere Party Meetup!

    A couple friends of mine and I put together a viewing party for the Cutie Map for Bronies from the Edmonton Alberta area, we had a pretty great turnout, almost 40 people were able to come including a few who were coming to their first meetup! We set up a big projection screen to watch the episode, and played 3 rounds of MLP themed jeopardy, plus games and karaoke, as well as a professional body painter.

    Trivia is Magic: Round One - https://youtu.be/WUn99smNajU

    Trivia is Magic: Round Two - https://youtu.be/LRo07Hp3dwQ

    Trivia is Magic: Round Three - https://youtu.be/47pii98GFXs

    The Edmaneton Area Bronies react to The Cutie Map - https://youtu.be/FyPvQWC0F9I

    Tonight's Groups Looking For More

    Story of the Blanks Progress Update

    Tonight's Podcasts and Blogs

    My Heart is Full of Pony - Sisterly Love

    Sisterly love is actually quite prevalent in FiM and that's an awesome thing! Want some feels? Check out the new My Heart is Full of Pony at the link below!

    Get more information here!

    The MBS Show Reviews: Season 5 Episode 1 & 2 The Cutie Map Part 1 & 2

    On this weeks episode reviews, Norman Sanzo, James Corck and Silver Quill review Season 5 of My Little Pony Episode 1 & 2 The Cutie Map Part 1 & 2. Join them to find out what they like and dislike about the episode.

    Sketchy Reviews: My Little Pony: FIENDship is Magic Issue #3: The Sirens

    Ace Analyst & Comic Sans: Friends Forever #7 Review/Analysis

    The MBS Show Reviews: My Little pony Comic Friends Forever 10

    On this weeks comic reviews, Norman Sanzo, James Corck and Silver Quill review the My Little Pony Comic Friends Forever Issue 10. Join them to find out what they like and dislike about the comic.

    My Little Reviews: Castle Sweet Castle

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    Today In Pony History

    April 17, 2011-2014

    2011 - Super Ponybeat: So Many Wonders

    2012 - Info from the Canterlot Wedding event.

    2013 - Power Rangers posts ponies and an image from season 13 leaked!

    2014 - Horse Game demonstration.

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