• On the Drawponies Tracing Scandal, and Our Stance on It

    This issue has really blown up over the past 24 hours or so! For those of you just hearing about this, Drawponies' fans recently began supplying evidence that at least some of his pieces are created using traced assets from the show.

    Since the initial few images appeared, loads of evidence has been arriving in the submit box and around the internet showing his art matching up perfectly with show assets. To go along with this, screencaps of his live streams reveal him physically tracing things that are later sold.

    More on that and our stance on the situation below the break!

    Quite a few people have sent in videos and pictures as evidence of his tracing. This is something that is pretty common around the fandom, and a great way to learn the pony form when starting off.  It becomes an issue when money and commissions of said work are involved though.

    While we wait for a response from his team and in light of the evidence that has come forth, we at EqD are refraining from posting his material until further notice. Several conventions also appear to be going along with this. In the end, we need more info. We'll make a more concrete decision as we find out more or see an official statement from his side of the story.

    Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

    Twitter: Calpain