• GalaCon 2015 Art Gallery Contributions

    With the con only a few months away, the Equestria Daily team is doing a lot of scheduling to get eight people on the team over to Germany this summer. Over in Germany the GalaCon team is also hard at work to prepare for the event. Currently GalaCon is looking for contributors to the con's art gallery.

    You can find the press release below the break!

    Art Gallery
    Of course we want to show as many great pieces of fan art at GalaCon 2015, too. So we all invite you to contribute your works to our Art Gallery.
    All contributions will be shown at GalaCon 2015 in the hallways and foyers. So it is not only a good way to prettify our venue for the visitors, but also to present your skills to a great audience.
    You could present classic art like paintings or drawings, digital art, sculptures and any piece of art that is related to My Little Pony – Friendship is Magic. You could also contribute copies or prints of your masterpieces.
    If you would like to contribute something, please contact events@galacon.eu . We will gladly inform you about how to contribute, the policies and anything else you want to know.
    It may also be possible to – for example – print out a digital copy or supply a frame for your art, so it is easier to ship. Just contact the Event Management and ask for a special service.
    Thanks in advance for your contribution!

    Twitter: Gameleon