• EQD Blog Pony Pre-Reader Podcast! Sunday May 3rd

     That's right everypony! The madness is returning! The penguins will rule the wor—

     Oh, ahem, nevermind. What I meant was EQD has decided we're gonna do another podcast! We had tons of fun last time and it seems like you guys did too. If you missed the last one and want to know what you missed, you can find it here.

     Get the details below the break.

      The podcast will happen on May 3rd at 8pm EST (and whatever else that is PST, MST etc)

     Another podcast means we need your questions!

     As before, we're not certain who all will participate, so feel free to ask questions of everyone or just the one burning question you've always wanted to have Present Perfect answer.
     We'll collect questions from here and the EQD fimfic group and we'll also have a chat running on youtube that you can ask and comment in. I'll do another post the day of so you can all get the direct link.