• Discussion: Do you Wear Pony Stuff in Public?

    I'm sure a bunch of you out there have some kind of pony apparel, be it a keychain or a tee-shirt. The amount of stuff out there is incredible these days between the piles of stuff Hasbro and their licensees throw at us, along with the custom things the fandom produces. The question is, how many of you use this stuff regularly?

    Admission time fandom! Outside of pony conventions or meetups with friends, do you ever don your pony swag? How far do you go with it? Is it just a subtle shirt or do you bust out the fake ears and Rainbow Dash backpack?

    And if you don't wear any pony things, what is your major hookup on it? Are you just embarrassed about the potential weird looks, or do you want to avoid being recognized by your fellow pony fans and stuck talking about Rainbow Dash in the middle of the mall for 30 minutes?

    Hit the comments up!