• Absolute Discord - Some of the Crazier Cards In the Set!

    Hey guys, Cups here again, back to share more Absolute Discord details with you! Doing card development and theming for Absolute Discord was the most entertaining and downright fun of any set so far, and there's even more to see and talk about this time around than ever before.

    This time I'm just posting about pure goofy hijinks. Seriously, just look at some of the "characters" that ended up in AD! Real Life Gummy, Carrot Discord as a new "Element of Disharmony," Tom the rock, Crackle, Bloomberg, Screwball, Pinkie's imaginary friends from Party of One, Ballerina Buffalos, Steven Magnet, Boulder... The sky was the limit on this one, so we decided to ignore that and go right into space.

    Take a look below the break for more of the fun, bizarre stuff in Absolute Discord!