• More Most Dangerous Game Tenth Place Winner

    Alexstrazsa — When it comes to characterization and worldbuilding, look no further than Life in the Wasteland. NorsePony crafts an amazing world from the ashes of the Equestria we know, turning it into a harsh, magic devoid wasteland that only the bravest can traverse. It follows a wonderful cast of characters, all with different talents and personalities, as they survive a war-torn Equestria on a quest to restore it to its former glory. Overall, it’s a great revisualization of Fallout: Equestria, and in truth, the worst part of this story is that it ends.

    Author: NorsePony

    Description: Two hundred years after a war that broke the world, a squad of soldiers travels across a blasted and hostile land on a mission for the future of Equestria. But they encounter a new kind of foe in the Wasteland that could endanger that very future.

    Life in the Wasteland

    Additional Tags: Distant Past, Post-post Apocalypse