• More Most Dangerous Game Eighth Place Winner: The Cup Cake Killer

    Obselescence — One fairly prominent criticism of Cupcakes stories and their like is that the Pinkie they portray just doesn’t feel like Pinkie. In stories like these, “Pinkie Pie” isn’t the party-crazy pink pony we all know and love, so much as a criminally insane sadist who merely looks like Pinkie Pie. The Cup Cake Killer is well aware of this problem, and subverts the trope beautifully. To say how, exactly, would spoil it, but rest assured that this story knows exactly what it’s doing with Pinkie Pie’s character, and manages to craft a narrative that both pays homage to its source, and delivers a whopping twist

    Saddlesoap Opera
    Description: Ponyville is shaken to its core when everypony's favourite pink party-pony is revealed to be a murderer. Her friends struggle to deal with the staggering revelation as all of Equestria turns its focus on the little town to learn more about the now infamous Cup Cake Killer... A More Most Dangerous Game fanfiction contest winner, 8th place.
    The Cup Cake Killer

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