• Discussion: What Game Company Do You Want to See Develop a Pony Game?

    While I sit here chuggin' away at Cities Skylines, I can't help but wish Colossal Order would snag the pony license and create us a real Equestria city building game. At this point, the official side of My Little Pony in one of the largest entertainment industries out there has the choice of simple browser flash games or a micro-transaction mega grind on mobile. After four years I feel like we deserve something a bit more robust!

    We have done discussion posts on what genre of game you all would like to see pretty recently, but we never delved into companies. I'm sure you all have your loyalties to various developers, be it juggernauts like Blizzard or the plethora of smaller groups out there. Who would you like to see pick up the pony license? Which company could do a Friendship is Magic game right?

    Hit the comments up with your thoughts!