• More Most Dangerous Game Contest First Place Winner: A World Without Kindness


    Quote: RazgrizS57 — I believe a story is only as strong as its characters. No matter how lovingly crafted a world, rarely can one ever stand to support itself. This is a story that not only provides great setting and atmosphere, but its characters are rich and very much themselves, despite the story twisting them with its altered universe. It’s a dreary, unsettling world, spun off of a what-if where the Mane Six initially failed to stop Nightmare Moon, and I had face thrust into my monitor the entire time, eagerly waiting for it all to unravel. Seeing Flutterbat given real use was just icing on the cake. This is the kind of story I live for; it’s a thrilling adventure that is well deserving of our top spot.

    Author: billymorph

    Description: The war between Nightmare Moon and Princess Celestia has destroyed Equestria, leaving the few survivors to struggle to survive in a dying world of eternal twilight. Fluttershy, twisted by the war, now ekes out an existence in Everfree forest, but even that life is under threat. Twilight Sparkle is coming, leading the last army of Dawn, and she will let nothing stop her from retrieving the Elements of Harmony and saving the world; not even old friends.

    A World Without Kindness

    Additional Tags: After the end, there's hope