• More Most Dangerous Game 3rd Place Winner: The Motion Of The Stars

    Professor Plum — While Fallout: Equestria featured a lot of dark, plenty of grim, and twists in ways that things weren’t meant to twist, what some people miss about the story is, at it’s very core, it’s about hope.  “The world’s dead, but we’re not, and we might just be able to fix things”.
    TMotS nails that feeling perfectly, as well as an interesting world, and damn good characterisation of Rarara and Best Filly.  11/10 would pone again


    Author: Carabas
    Description: Once upon a time, Equestria burned in the fires of war.
    Now it falls on two sisters to reclaim what they can.

    Additional Tags: Fallout. With Ponies! And Without Fallout.