• Discussion: Do You Ship Your OC With Canon Characters?

    Regardless of your stance on poni romance, the Brony fandom does a ton of it anyway. A few years ago, anything shipping an OC pony with a mane 6 pony was a major taboo! "Self insert crapfiction!" they'd yell!

    I'm still leery on the subject, but it seems to be happening much more frequently over time.  Considering the rise of OC ponies over the years, it's not exactly surprising.

    So, good citizens of Equestria Daily with your potentially mega mary sue/gary stu oc ponies, do you ship that pony creator hotness you tirelessly worked on for hours with any of the ponies in the show?

    Hit them comments up! It's confession time, you monsters.

    (I guess I'm a monster too =[ )