• More Most Dangerous Game 2nd Place: A Diamond and a Tether

    [Slice of Life][Human][Sad]

    Burraku Pansa — PathworkPoltergeist’s A Diamond and a Tether was nearly perfect in terms of this contest, to me. Rather than attempting to throw all of its weight into a clever interpretation of the contest prompt, the effort here went into improving the original story that inspired it. Most every flaw from the original My Little Dashie has been excised, most every contrivance given a larger meaning and worked into the plot—and all of this while keeping the focus on the (better developed) emotional conflict. Whether you liked MLD or you thought it needed improving, A Diamond and a Tether delivers.

    Author: PatchworkPoltergeist

    Description: Heiress Lucy Burdock knows life has a way of surprising you. For example, she wasn't expecting a little pink pony for her birthday. She certainly didn't expect it to start talking, either. It was cute at first, but it kinda feels more like taking care of a little kid than a pony. Lucy's never really been great with kids... but she can make it work! ...Can't she?

    Additional Tags: Empty promises & countless bluffs