• Bronies 2 Now Available on DVD, Plus a Note From the Producer

    For those looking to supplement the Brony Documentary, the extended scenes project Bronies 2 is now available on DVD.  The exact description as follows:

    MANY STORIES REMAIN UNTOLD. Bronies are a vast, diverse subculture. Every day, more friendships are born, more struggles are overcome, and more unshakeable bonds are formed. For each brony, there’s another unique journey and another story to be told.

    This episodic documentary anthology uncovers more of the compelling experiences undertaken by the men and women who have come together from across the globe to celebrate their shared love for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

    If you want it, head on down below the break for all the relevant information on it, along with a letter from the producer!

    Buy BRONIES 2:
    — BRONIES.com (http://www.bronies.com/)
    — Amazon (http://www.bronies.com/buyLtAmazon/)
    — PayPal (http://www.bronies.com/buyLtPaypal/)

    Download/Watch BRONIES 2:
    — YayPonies (https://yp1.yayponies.no/broniesii.php)
    — YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-WqXoopuH_uEAiQA4WfD9RgiDh5oXvkZ)

    Letter from the Producer

    It's been a long time coming, but after two years, Bronies 2 is finally here and ready.

    Past brony documentaries (including our own) have often been heavily criticized for being too "preachy". It's an incredibly valid critique that I took very seriously when putting this together—the fandom's already regaled itself in its own praise more than enough times in a decade, and I didn't want to just do more of that. This time, there's no over-arching goal of "proving ourselves to the world" or anything like that—it's just about people. People like you or me. People who contribute to this fandom, how they do it, and what impact it's had on their lives.

    And that's all it is. Twelve stories. No BS and no pandering (I hope). Just a dozen or so cool people and the very cool things they do, in a humble, episodic, slice-of-life format.

    Some of these stories are heartwarming and cute—like Lauren Faust reuniting with a girl she babysat over a decade ago. Some are stressful—like Megan Youmans as she prepares a museum for the largest brony convention in the world. Others are a little more somber, but hopeful—like John Joseco, whose art has been heavily influenced by his family's military tradition and the legacy of his late father. And some are just wacky fun—like John de Lancie snarking about as the entire convention is evacuated due to an electrical fire.

    A lot of these stories resonated with me, and I wanted to tell them to the rest of the world. Because, seriously, we have some freakishly interesting, dedicated, talented people in the fandom. I just hope I was able to do them justice.

    Honestly, it's a bit hard to believe I'm at this point. Holding the printed DVD in my hand for the first time was a bit of a moment—it may not look like much, but in that little piece of cardboard and plastic is over two years' worth of effort. It's a bit humbling to have so much of one's time and energy represented in such a simple, unassuming form.

    But I'm glad to be here, and as much as I've struggled with it, I'm damn proud of what I've made. This fandom's done so much for me, and it deserves nothing less than the best I can give it.

    I sincerely hope you guys enjoy it. Thanks for a great three years; I hope for many more.

    - Nick Ha, Producer at BronyDoc, LLC.

    P.S. A huge, huge shoutout to Briston Brown (@SolidZaku) and Carlos "Solrac/Yaplap" Moreno (@SolracNG), who came on-board late in production to help offload some of the burden. I don't think I'd have made it out to the other side without your guys' help, and I know my thanks will never be enough to convey how grateful I am (though I hope monetary payment for services rendered does a better job of that :P). Further thanks go out to all the people who stood by me while I struggled to get this done—Cayci Robold (@caycifish) for letting me bum at her place to render the DVD master while my power was out; and Rachael C. (@ILoveKPAlot), her team, and Eileen Montgomery (@EileMontyVA) for helping me promote the documentary; and everyone else who stood by me as I struggled to get this done.