• The Friendship Express Starts Crowdfunding for Vincent Tong

    The opportunities for show staff to make it to Asian conventions is a bit lower than those in the US and Canada, but thanks to the magic of the internet that doesn't mean they can't say hello to fans all around the world! As such The Friendship Express is beginning crowdfunding to get a Skype call with Vincent Tong, the voice of Flash Sentry and more.

    Check on after the break to learn how you can donate today!

    The Friendship Express, the Malaysian MLP:FiM convention is reaching out to the community at
    large to help make the event better and more attractive. The team has been given an offer to
    have a one hour Skype session during the event with voice actor Vincent Tong and is seeking
    community funds to help make it happen.

    Funds will be raised via a crowdfunding campaign powered by Pozible. Starting 5th February,
    supporters can make their pledges on the campaign site here in exchange for convention
    enhancements and merchandise.

    Vincent Tong is the voice behind Flash Sentry, one of the most well known characters of the
    show as well as some other background characters including Donut Joe and Prince Blueblood.
    The team hopes to make the best of this offer as it is too far beyond budget to be able to afford
    to bring any of the show personalities to Malaysia.

    The team hopes to be able to raise RM1000 (~300USD) to offset the cost of having a session
    with Vincent. Funds collected will go towards offsetting the expenses for Vincent’s session while
    excess funds (if any) will be used to help cover the cost of holding the convention.

    Announced in December 2014, The Friendship Express is happening on the 21-22nd March 2015 at SSTwo Mall in Petaling Jaya. Admission is free with booth rentals starting at just RM80.
    For more information, visit TheFriendshipExpress.org. The event committee can be contacted
    via email at C [email protected] Artists and vendors interested in applying for a
    booth can find the application form(s) at the website.

    Want to help us out with media coverage? We have media passes and kits available to make things easier! Email us at [email protected] . You can also reserve your press kit for collection at the event. Open to all media outlets.

    Twitter: Calpain